22 December 2018 - 13:43
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Ayatollah Moqtadaei:‎
Rasa – The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom has said, “Today, when ‎the enemies of Islamic Iran and Islamic Revolution have united, more than ever before, we ‎need unity in society and the unity between the universities and seminaries.”‎

RNA – Speaking at a ‎meeting marking the Day of the Unity of the Universities and Seminaries ‎and Research Week that was held at the ‎conference hall of the University of Islamic Sciences ‎in Qom, ‎Ayatollah Mortaza Moqtadaei stated that the unity of the universities and seminaries ‎was declared by the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeyni.‎

The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom said that ‎in ‏‎his speeches, Imam ‎Khomeyni emphasized upon this unity many times and he noted, “The late Imam was aware ‎that this revolution was an ‎Islamic revolution aimed at implementing the laws and programs ‎of Islam and the Quran and that it would ‎be on the axis of Wilayat al-Faqih [Guardianship of ‎the Jurisprudent] and it is clear that the superpowers would take a stand against this ‎divine ‎system and disrupt it.‎”‎

Ayatollah Moqtadaei continued, “A system which wants to work under the rule of the ‎Supreme Leader ‎will certainly have many enemies in a world full of corruption and injustice. ‎For this reason, Imam Khomeyni announced the unity of the seminaries and the universities ‎to create two powerful armies which would have influence and an effect in society.”‎

The teacher in Islamic Seminary of Qom emphasized that the duty of both the clerics and ‎the universities is to protect the unity between the seminaries and ‎the universities and ‎stated, “The objective of this unity is to protect the existing divine system which ‎demands ‎our efforts and seriousness. The greatest need for this unity is during the present time ‎wherein the enemies have united against the Islamic Republic.”‎

Referring to the unity of the enemies in creating the Imposed War [Iran-Iraq War] against ‎Iran, he noted, “During the Imposed War, their unity was defined by the creation of a ‎difficult war against the [Islamic] system, but today, their unity is to create divisions ‎between different ethnic groups and create hatred ‎in regard to the Islamic system and ‎religious issues.‎‏"‏

Ayatollah Moqtadaei added, “The objective of the enemies is to distance people from this ‎system, religion and Islamic beliefs. One of their actions is to raise doubts and rumours ‎against the clergy and to create disagreement ‎between the seminaries and the universities in ‎order to abolish this divine system but with the help of God, the unity of these two academic ‎establishments will create a comprehensive power against the front ‎of enemies. This system ‎will continue on its path until it achieves its lofty goal with power and the evil plots of ‎‎enemies, especially the United States and Zionism, will be faced with defeat.” ‎


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