Three type of lifestyle
The Components of the Religious Lifestyle According to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution (Second and last part)
In general, and considering the sphere of the man, the current world and the Hereafter, three type of lifestyle can be assumed for the man.
The Discourse of Free Thinking on Virtual Currency, Discussed form the Governmental Jurisprudence Stance
Held by Vasael Special Center for Governmental Jurisprudence:
The Discourse of free thinking on virtual currency, discussed form the governmental jurisprudence stance, was jointly held by Vasael Special Center for Governmental Jurisprudence and Economic Association of Qom Seminary in Rasa News Agency Conference Hall.
Selling and Buying Bitcoin
The Stance of the Governmental Jurisprudence towards Virtual Currency (Part 3)
The essence of the performed transaction in buying and selling Bitcoin needs to be examined. All the conditions of transaction applies to buying and selling Bitcoin. In the section of Bitcoin as an asset, it was suggested that Bitcoin is an asset. The subject of transaction is known, can be submitted and existent.
Bitcoin as an asset
The Stance of the Governmental Jurisprudence towards Virtual Currency (Part 2)
Literally, an asset includes those assets and properties owned by the man. Having the features of an asset (or generally being an asset) is the fundamental condition of the subject of the transactions (what is purchased and paid). Asset has been defined differently by different jurisprudents (Faqihs).
The Epistemology of Virtual Currency
The Stance of the Governmental Jurisprudence towards Virtual Currency (Part 1)
The jurisprudential analysis of the virtual currency, either from individual or governmental jurisprudence stances, should be based on an accurate epistemology.
The need to pay attention to
Sex education in secular societies with religious communities is so different in the purpose and the method of teaching as well as the content of education.
The need to pay attention to
Sexuality education encompasses a wide area and includes educational activities that, from the beginning of life, are step by step to the balanced development of sexual instinct in order to become familiar with the sexual tasks and behaviors, and he achieves the goals of sexuality education, such as mercy, peace in life and mental health, and the generation will continue.
The need to pay attention to
The term "sexuality education" as "sex education" in our society, Iran, is somewhat unknown, and therefore some susceptible to it, but it should be noted That the educators have long been considered amongst other areas of education, moral and rational education, have also paid attention to this issue, and especially considered by the beginning of puberty changes in adolescents.
The status after assumption of political power, as the criterion for political justice is the most important level of justice administration
A Seminary Professor:
An area to assess the standard of the political criterion is the conditions prior and after the assumption of political power by people.