Heavenly Examination
View of Islam on Natural disasters (Part 2)
A calamity may happen to people apparently as a natural disaster, but in fact, they are to examine the people and assess their patience and piety.
Theories should be made on the relation between
Hujjat al-Islam Muballeghi:
The representative of Lorestan province to the Assembly of Experts called for making and presentation of religious theories on the relations between the time, man and religion.
The view of Islam on tattooing and planting eyelashes
The National Center for Answering the Religious Questions has answered some questions on cosmetic surgeries.
Five fundamental questions on artificial intelligence and humanities
Hujjat al-Islam Shahriari discussed:
Nowadays, artificial intelligence is able to play an effective part in governing the countries and the proper and wise management of this technology can bolster the government.
A note by Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani on the grand Eid of the Mid-Shaaban
The start of the victory of the Right over the Wrong
The era of occultation is the time of responsibility; it is the time of work, action and hope of the future, of the victory of the Right over the Wrong. Expect Him and act.
According to Jurisprudence, nothing is wrong with Bitcoin
A seminary research examined:
Hujjat la-Islam Haqjou, saying that Bitcoin isn’t money and it is not supposed to have’ financial basis/support, stressed that “nothing is wrong with Bitcoin according to the Jurisprudence.”
The Shiite Jurisprudence, unlike the Sunni and Jewish Jurisprudences, Has Civilization-creating Potentials
The Session of Civilization-creating Dynamics of the Shiite Jurisprudence (Last part)
Hujjat al-Islam Rahdar said, We believe that the Shiite jurisprudence (Fiqh), due to its inherited legacy of potentials and methodology, is civilization-creating, but the Sunni and Jewish jurisprudences, having no civilizing potential, and the Jewish one, though providing some non-comprehensive answers and solution to some parts and levels of civilization, have not potentials for civilization-creation.
The Characteristics of the Social Jurisprudence
The Session of Civilization-creating Dynamics of the Shiite Jurisprudence (Part 2)
The rules of the social jurisprudence are not totally governmental, and there may be a Muslim society, yet a minority may live in a non-Muslim country, as it is in France, where a community of 10 million Muslims live with no Islamic Government.
Minimalistic Civilization-creation: The Output of the Caution-oriented Jurisprudence
The Session of Civilization-creating Dynamics of the Shiite Jurisprudence (Part 1)
Civilization-creating jurisprudence relies on the fact that how Ijtihad and its ultimate target is defined. If Ijtihad moves from reasons towards the topics, it will be a jurisprudence, however; it will be a different jurisprudence if it starts from the topics and reaches reasoning. Different from the existing jurisprudence, that moves from the reasons towards topics, the civilization-creating jurisprudence steps forwards from the topics to reasoning.