Conclusion and Suggestions on
Introduction of the paper “A Mathematical Approach to the Exit Strategy in the Model of Islamic Venture Capital” (Part 2)
The idea of the venture capital financing introduced through the Islamic capitalization was originated from some contracts such as partnership and bailment of capital. In partnership contracts, the financer and entrepreneur both have a share of the profit of the economic project.
The Existential Discourse Completes Its Traditional Counterpart
Mehdi Abbaszadeh:
Mehdi Abbaszadeh, the member of Epistemology Faculty of the Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought, saying that although a big part of the new science of discourse deals with the religious anthropology, the existential discourse is still needed, explained, “The theological view on the man is different from the religious approach to him, though there are some considerable items shared by them both”.
Characteristics of divorce, its causes and the approaches of different societies to divorce
A review of the Book “Divorce”, authored by Dr. Baqir Sarookhani (Part 2):
According to the author of the book, a deeper cause of divorce is the crisis of values.
Islamic Moderation: the most reasonable way for prevention from divorce
A review of the Book “Divorce”, authored by Dr. Baqir Sarookhani (Part 1):
Dr. Baqir Sarookhani, a veteran of Iranian sociology, has carried out several in-depth and comprehensive studies on social damages like divorce. The book “Divorce”, published in Iran, is a thoroughgoing work in this area, and it scientifically reviews the social damage of divorce.
What Are the Characteristic Features of the Islamic Market?
On the Theory of the Islamic Market and Finance (Part 3)
The Islamic bazaar is said to have some different features, including conformity to the religion, being commensurate with human codes of ethics, honesty, guidance, policy-making and supervised by the government; Although honesty is covered by ethics, it is regarded as a separate category due to its importance.
The Term Market isn’t Prevalent in Islamic Economics?
On the Theory of the Islamic Market and Finance (Part 2)
The market has been developed in the Islamic civilization, however, the market mechanism of the capitalist system has been technically dealt with in this culture instead of developing a specific market mechanism for Islamic economics.
Definition of the Islamic Market
On the Theory of the Islamic Market and Finance (Part 1)
The Theory of the Islamic Market is a collection of positive and normative propositions appertaining to the bazaar and its components, a theory that is developed from the holy Quran and tradition.
Imam Javad; the leader of the world of existence
A note by Ayatollah Safi:
Imam Javad (AS) inherited excellent behaviour, good attributes and knowledge from his ancestors, he had a high position, and scientific and religious figures esteemed him.
Harms of intermediary economy and service jobs instead of generative jobs
View of Islam on Employment of Women (Part 4)
The increase in the number of services and mediating jobs in the economic culture of people and neglect of generative jobs is another consequence of the promotion of the western lifestyle.