More UK parents protest against sexual lessons in schools
Protests against schools teaching sexual material to students have spread to various cities across the United Kingdom as Muslim parents become increasingly worried about a state program to normalize inappropriate lessons in the education system.
Austerity Measures Caused Hunger Crisis in UK
The British government’s cuts to welfare over the past decade have caused a “hunger crisis” by leaving tens of thousands of poor families across the country without enough food to eat, according to a damning report by Human Rights Watch.
Yellow Vests Mark 6-Month Anniversary with Marches
Scuffles between police and protesters broke out in France's Reims as the Yellow Vest movement rallied on its 27th weekend in a row. The six-month anniversary demonstrations were peaceful in Paris and other cities.
Austria's parliament approves ban on Muslim headscarves at primary schools
Austrian parliament has approved a law to ban Muslim girls from wearing headscarf in primary schools.
EU warns against ‘military escalation’ over Iran
The European Union strongly advises avoidance of any “military escalation” against Iran as the United States keeps piling pressure on the Islamic Republic and trying to force other countries to follow suit.
Hundreds Rally in Britain in Support of Palestine
Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of London in solidarity with Palestinian people who are commemorating the 71st anniversary of the Palestinian exodus, or the Nakba of 1948 when about 700 thousand Palestinians were forced out of their homes by Jewish militias.
London Mayor Under Police Protection Following Threats
The mayor of London has been put under 24-hour police protection following repeated abuse and threats on social media.
Rights campaigners condemn UK queen for hosting king of Bahrain
Rights campaigners have furiously criticized Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II for the warm welcome she is offering to Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, saying the king has led a massive crackdown on the dissent in his small country.
UK police launch probe into shooting attack on London mosque
The police in the British capital London are investigating a shooting attack on a mosque in an eastern neighborhood of the city.