Do Western diplomats have ‘mental disability’, or can the West no longer produce real politicians?
The Western world has an usual way of practicing diplomacy, and this was aptly summed up recently by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Will Hunt or Johnson prove to be the UK’s ‘last’ prime minister?
In a major warning to the British political establishment, former UK prime minister Gordon Brown claims that the union is more at risk of collapse than at any time in 300 years.
London steps up rhetoric on Iran
Just when junior foreign office minister Andrew Murrison was on a mission to Tehran to ostensibly “reduce” tensions in the Persian Gulf region, his superior, UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt indicated that Britain would be ready to join the United States in attacking Iran.
Despite waning turnout, 'Yellow Vests' enter 32nd week of protests
Hundreds of "yellow vest" protesters marched in Paris on Saturday, June 22, marking the 32nd consecutive weekend of the anti-government demonstrations despite a drop in turnout from recent weeks.
Real or perceived threat of terrorism
The media circus surrounding conviction of British ISIL terrorist’s parents over the transfer of £200 has overshadowed a much deeper seated social problem in Britain.
Britain reverts to type
Oil tanker attacks:
To date the UK is the only major diplomatic power to support the American accusations. As the British opposition Labour party, in addition to independent British political observers, have noted, this begs the question as to why Britain is staking out such an extreme position at the risk of international isolation.
UK Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Declared Unlawful
n a legal challenge brought by anti-arms trade campaigners, three of the UK’s top judges concluded that it was “irrational and unlawful” of the government to allow arms sales to Saudi Arabia without making proper checks.
Scottish MP slams PM hopeful Johnson as racist, says he is unfit to govern UK
The top Scottish member of the British parliament has denounced the main candidate seeking to become the country’s next prime minister, saying he is a “racist” who cannot be trusted to lead the United Kingdom.
Sadiq Khan steps up war of words with Trump, calls him 'poster boy' for racists
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called Donald Trump a "poster boy for racists," after the US president renewed his attacks on the Muslim mayor, blaming him for a spate of attacks in the British capital.