Bahrain believes it can get away with Murder on British soil
The case of Bahraini human rights activist, Moosa Abd-Ali, raises difficult questions about Britain’s cosy alliance with the Bahraini dictatorship.
New Prime Minister's Negative Views on Islam Alarms Community Leaders
Boris Johnson’s ascension to the premiership has caused widespread anxiety in the British Muslim community. These fears have been heightened by a former leading conservative’s warning of the inherent dangers of Johnson’s leadership.
All Schools in Knife Crime Hotspots Should Get Dedicated Police Officers
The United Kingdom’s impotence in managing its internal affairs has grabbed the headlines once again. knife crime is rising and as the government fails to “adequately” address the crisis, the Home Affairs select committee is taking action.
Blood money marks Britain as world’s second-largest arms exporter
Blood money filtering in from select Middle East Arab states has helped the United Kingdom reclaim its place as the world's second-largest arms exporter.
Johnson could be ‘shortest-tenured’ prime minister in British history
A senior US-based analyst says that newly-appointed UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could end up being one of the “shortest-tenured” prime ministers in British history if he pushes Britain towards a no-deal Brexit on October 31.
Yellow Vests March for 37th Week amid Media Silence
For the 37th consecutive Saturday the anti-government Yellow Vests marched nationwide. They continue to be the only social movement in recent memory which has not gone on Christmas or now summer vacation.
London cyclists ride to support Palestinians
Several hundred cyclists have taken to the streets of London to protest the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to raise money for a Palestinian charity.
Staffers at Bahrain embassy in London try to throw protester off rooftop
Staffers at the Bahraini regime’s embassy in London have beaten and reportedly attempted to throw an activist off the diplomatic building’s roof as he was protesting the regime’s recent execution of three pro-democracy campaigners.
Britain’s New 22 person Zionist-Friendly Cabinet
Boris Johnson’s 22-member cabinet has been subjected to intense scrutiny by the British press.