Requirements and necessities of media ethics ‎
Ayatollah Mamdouhi:‎
The teacher of ethics in the Islamic Seminary of Qom ‎said that the culture of society is in the ‎hands of the media groups and added, “‎As much the media grows, the culture of people will ‎also grow.”‎
Imam Khamenei authoritatively questioned the evil Meeting of Manama
Sheikh Nabil Qavoq:
The member of Hezbollah’s Central Board Said, “Imam Khamenei questioned the evil Meeting of Manama, and it should be a lesson for the heads of Arab states who are regularly humiliated by Trump.”
The Deal of the Century will be turned into “the Slap of the Century”
Sayyed Hashem al-Haydari:
The Cultural Deputy of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces stated, “The Power of the Resistance Front will turn the Deal of the Century into the Slap of the Century and this Front has been protected by God, the Sublime.”
The Deal of the Century and Manama Meeting together form a crime testing the zeal of the Islamic Ummah
Ayatollah Isa Qasim:
The leader of the Bahraini Shiites maintained, “The Deal of the Century is the challenge of choosing between freedom and base acceptance of a deal that together with Manama meeting is to test the zeal of the Islamic Ummah.”
Ayatollah al-Najafi called for the improving of communications technology
During his meeting with the Iraqi Minister of Communications, Ayatollah al-Najafi ‎stressed the ‎need to improve the level of technology and localization of projects.‎
Massive public demonstrations in defense of Sheikh Zakzaky
In the few past days, Nigerian people hold some huge demonstrations in defense of Shekih Zakzaky and called for his release from the prison.
The US and its allies have acknowledged the failure of the pressure policy against Iran
A top member of Hezbollah:
The member of the Central Board of Hezbollah announced that although the US humiliates the heads of some Arab countries, it is frustrated against Iran.
The US is despondent and angry ‎with the progress of Iran
Representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Kashan:
Ayatollah Namazi said, “Today, Iran has taken extensive steps, especially in the military ‎equipment sector, such that ‎today the United States is despondent and angry due to the ‎Islamic Republic of Iran’s ‎scientific and military progress.”‎
The Bahraini people will confront anti-Palestinian efforts of the Al Khalifah
Hujjat al-Islam Husayn al-Dayhi:‎
Rasa – The deputy secretary-general of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said the ‎people of this country will confront the anti-Palestinian efforts of some Arab countries‎, ‎despite the pressure from the Al Khalifah regime. ‎