Ayatollah Najafi welcomed the unity of the military forces
Ayatollah Najafi said, "We welcome the unity and solidarity of the Iraqi military forces and hope these laws are executed as soon as possible."
The US seeks to cause dire troubles in the region
Beirut Friday prayer leader:
Beirut Friday prayer leader, pointing to the US pressure against Iran, reiterated, “The leaders of Washington seek to cause dire trouble in the region.”
Seizing Iranian tanker by the US is an act of revenge
The chairman of the Lebanese Soor Scholars:
The chairman of the Lebanese Scholars Soor (Tyre) stated that following their failure in Syria, the US has been attempting to take revenge on Iran.
Israel is moving towards its own annihilation
Najaf Friday prayer leader:
Najaf Friday prayer leader, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Sadr ad-Din Qabanchi, stated that the Zionist Regime is fraught with different internal problems and moving towards its own annihilation.
We don’t recognize any limits for uranium enrichment
Qom Friday Prayer Leader:‎
Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri ‎said that Europeans didn’t even take one step to protect the ‎JCPOA and added, “By implementing the second step of reducing commitments, Iran doesn’t ‎recognize any limits to enrich uranium.”‎
Iran to Continue Enriching Uranium to Generate Electricity
Senior Cleric:
Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani blasted the US for its rhetoric against the Islamic Republic, and said that Tehran needs enriched uranium to overcome its electricity shortages.
Sheikh Zakzaky in dire need of treatement
Rights group warns:
A London-based Islamic rights organization has called on Nigeria to immediately release top Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky from prison and send him abroad for urgent medical treatment.
Ayatollah Yaqubi’s new book, the “Subcategories of the Jurisprudence” was published
The office of Ayatollah Yaqubi published and distributed a new book, “Subcategories of the Jurisprudence”.
Najaf seminary is ready to hold short-term courses for German youth
The Kashif al-Ghital religious institute, welcoming a group of German guests, announced that Najaf seminary is ready to hold short-term courses for German youth.