Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese Shi’ah Islamic Assembly:‎
Arab countries must not be silent about the choice of al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist ‎regime

RNA – In a message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Khatib, the deputy ‎speaker of the Lebanese Shi’ah Islamic Assembly, said, “Congratulations to all Muslims and ‎Lebanese people, especially the pilgrims to the House of God [Ka’bah], on Eid al-Adha. On ‎this blessed day, hundreds of thousands of Saudi pilgrims are standing in the Desert of ‎Arafat.”‎

His Eminence added, “On the Day of Arafah, we can only pray to God Almighty with the ‎pilgrims and all the believers to remove the epidemic and the tribulation from the servants ‎and the countries of the world and to save humanity from injustice, backwardness and ‎oppression. I hope that with medical advice, the sincerity of everyone’s intentions will get rid ‎of the evil of these diseases.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam al-Khatib hoped for acceptance of everyone’s deeds and said, “A superior and ‎better nation is one in which there is unity and solidarity and commanding the good and ‎forbidding the wrong, and this is what helps the people to defeat colonialism and empathy. ‎The Arab and Muslim countries must reach a consensus to solve the political problems in ‎Yemen and Libya and these countries must stand by Lebanon, Syria and Iraq in order to ‎solve their economic problems. Also, the moral responsibility of these countries towards ‎Palestine must not be forgotten because the first issue of the Islamic world is the issue of ‎Palestine.”‎

He noted, “Arab and Muslim countries must not be silent about the ‘Deal of the Century’ and ‎the choice of al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of the Zionist regime and they must know ‎that the Zionist regime’s conspiracies spread from this country to other countries, as ‎witnessed by the sanctions against Syria after the civil war. We are witnessing unjust ‎sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran for supporting Lebanon and the Islamic ‎Resistance Axis, all of which demonstrate the arrogance of the United States in dominating ‎the nations of the world.”‎

He said that the Islamic Resistance Axis, with its achievements, is the preserver of the dignity ‎of Lebanon and the centre of light reflection on the path to victory and emphasized, “We ‎prohibit neutrality from the right path and call on the government to make the necessary ‎reforms to prevent the collapse of Lebanon.”‎

Rasa News Agency