The government’s duty does not remove society’s duty

RNA - On the auspicious occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (s), the ‎daughter of the Prophet of Islam, in the meet with religious eulogists the Supreme Leader of ‎the Islamic Revolution – Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei – on Saturday, February 15, 2020.‎

Imam Khamenei pointed eulogists had to address the issue of lifestyle in their eulogies and ‎ceremonies in order to promote a culture endorsed by the teachings of Islam stating that, ‎‎“One thing that should be pursued in these assemblies, with God’s grace, is the matter of ‎Islamic lifestyle. This should be decorated with the art of poetry, and these poems should ‎be recited in gatherings to promote this culture. If we want to change the lifestyle into the ‎Islamic lifestyle in the correct manner and in opposition to the (cultural) invasion of the ‎enemy front, this is the solution. You read in the supplication, ‘Oh God! Make me live the life ‎of Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, and permit me to die the death of ‎Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad.’ When we talk of ‘live the life of’ here, we ‎mean lifestyle and we are asking God to make our lifestyle like theirs.”‎

Imam Khamenei emphasized Lady Fatimah al-Zahra’s (s) spirit of altruism as an excellent ‎example to follow and maintained, “part of the teachings of Fatimah (s) is the issue of ‎helping others. When her son asked, ‘Mother, why did you only pray for others?’ Her answer ‎was, ‘First the neighbor, then ourselves.’ This is a lesson to remind us of social ‎responsibility. Another example is that of (helping) the poor, orphaned and the captive as ‎referred to in the chapter ‘The Man.’ The Almighty God mentions this incident with ‎magnificence, and seventeen or eighteen verses of Quran are dedicated to it. ‎

This shows the significance of this incident. It is a symbolic event. Yes, these honorable ‎individuals and all the members of their family endured hunger. They helped the orphan, the ‎poor, and the captive. This actually happened, but it is also symbolic. Lady Fatimah (s) ‎could have asked them to go to the Mosque instead. It was in an Islamic government after ‎all. However, the government’s duty does not remove society’s duty. People in a society are ‎required to truly help one another. Various types of assistance should be offered in society: ‎financial assistance, help in thinking, protecting the honor of others, etc. This is a lesson ‎from Lady Fatimah’s teachings.”‎