Syrian army discovers one of Nusra leader’s hideout in Aleppo: SANA

RNA - Syria’s official news agency SANA reported on Monday that Syrian Arab Army units had uncovered the hiding place of the terrorist group’s leader known as Abu Mohammad al-Jolani while patrolling the liberated areas in Aleppo’s countryside.

SANA said the site, located in Anjara area 15 kilometers west of Aleppo city, was one of the lairs that Jolani used to direct terrorist attacks on the strategic city and the villages in its vicinity.

“The underground hideout consisted of several rooms including operations rooms and living quarters, complete with ventilation, lighting, and multiple entrances and exits,” the news agency said, adding that the hideout also contained vehicles that had been used by the leader and senior members of the terrorist outfit.

In another report on Monday, SANA said that the Syrian army had uncovered a fortified hideout for terrorists dug beneath a mountain near the town of Anjara in addition to a tunnel in al-Layramoun area on the outskirts of Aleppo city.

The fortified hideout contained ammo, grenades, and assorted shells, including mortar rounds, anti-armor and anti-air rockets as well as rocket tripod mounts.

The Syrian news agency said the tunnel in al-Layramoun area was dug into the bedrock beneath a building under construction and extended 400 meters eastwards towards al-Khalidiye neighborhood.

“The terrorists couldn’t finish the tunnels as the army defeated them and forced them to retreat before its completion,” a police officer was quoted as saying by SANA, adding that the building above the tunnel contained ammo and other data-x-items left behind by terrorists.

Syrian army units have over the past weeks managed to wrest control over most areas in western Aleppo following clashes with members of the the al-Nusra terrorist group.