Hezbollah Can Win Any War against Israel

RNA - Israel's military said it fired into Southern Lebanon on Sunday after a number of anti-tank missiles fired by Hezbollah targeted its army base and vehicles near the border. Hezbollah was responding to an earlier drone attack by Israel. The missiles hit several targets in Israel's border town of Avivim.

According to Hezbollah, the missiles launched from Lebanon destroyed a tank, killing and wounding those inside it. The Lebanese army said Israel fired at least 40 shells towards the border towns of Yaroun and Maroun al-Ras after the missile attack.

Once again, the Israeli failure to grasp the nature of Hezbollah has caused a failure to grasp the predictable results in the new clash. Not only are the Israeli troops unable to win a new war on Hezbollah, the Resistance Front will not lose it.

Obviously, Tel Aviv has had a tough time over the past years in dealing with the Hezbollah of Lebanon in Syria, and it is desperate to save face by doing whatever it can.

In the face of such desperation, it is crucial to assert that the new Israeli campaign against Hezbollah will only produce further unity and resolve among the resistance fighters in Lebanon. It will in no way force the resistance into retreat from its lawful cause.

Lest we forget, it was Hezbollah which single-handedly managed to drive Israeli troops out of Southern Lebanon and thrash their invincibility myth for good. It was Hezbollah which in alliance with Iran, Syria, and Russia managed to defeat foreign-backed terrorist groups on many fronts in Syria.

On the diplomatic and political front, Hezbollah has equally been the winner. The international civil society is now behind the Resistance Front’s campaign against terrorism, just as they did during the Hezbollah-Israeli war in 2006.

Some 13 years on, Hezbollah has been transformed. It is now a regional military power, a cross-border strike force, with thousands of soldiers hardened by years of fighting on Syrian battlefields. Hezbollah troops are now using in combat some of the most sophisticated armaments available, such as fourth-generation Kornet guided anti-tank missiles. They pilot unmanned aircraft and fight alongside artillery and tanks. They have taken vast lands from terrorists with Syrian-Russian air support.

In 2006, Hezbollah fought a guerrilla war against an invading army. Today, Hezbollah is also a conventional army. Hezbollah is said to have fired some 4,000 short-range missiles at Israel throughout the past years. But today, it has over 100,000 missiles, including tens of thousands of accurate mid-range weapons and drones with larger warheads capable of striking anywhere and killing anyone in Israel.

According to Fars News Agancy, as maintained by Israeli military commanders and analysts, Hezbollah now poses a far greater threat to Israel than it did in the past. Not only is Israel unable to win a new war, Hezbollah will not lose it. This powerful reality keeps many Israelis awake at night.

All this plus rocket rooms, drones, weapons caches, underground compounds, command posts, anti-tank positions, tunnels and launch pads, as well as many other military installations along the Lebanese border should be more than enough for Tel Aviv to keep quiet.

The message is implicit: Hezbollah hasn't lost its luster and another war could be more devastating and humiliating for the usurper regime. There will be a mutual exchange of bombing and destruction too. As maintained by Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, “The leaders of Israel understand that the resistance has the ability to cover the entirety of occupied Palestine with missiles. We must keep this capability because it acts as a deterrent for the third Lebanon war.”

In summation, Hezbollah is no longer a group or an organization. It is an army, a formidable army whose members are fighting the US-backed Zionist troops along the Lebanese border. Hezbollah is not afraid of Israel although it has always stressed that it would never start war with invasion. It has no intention to back down, just as the way it has every intention to win the next war with Israel if it is forced by the lunatic warmongers in Tel Aviv into such a war.