House of Saud hurls a ridiculous accusation at the people performing prayer in Saudi mosques

RNA - Abd al-Latif Al Shiekh, the minister of the Islamic Affairs and Propagation of the House of Saud enumerated the operations conducted by this ministry against water and electricity thefts, done by those attending the mosques of this country for performing prayer.

Al Sheikh claimed that the said ministry pays the price of water and electricity consumed by the mosques, but electricity and water thefts have been committed by some people.

As reported by Sada Elbalad news website, the House of Saud has claimed that some prayer leaders and people performing prayer in the mosques have stolen water and electricity from the mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Such accusations are made following the objections made by a group of people affiliated to the Saudi royal court to the high number of the Saudi mosques.

It worth mentioning that Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince is following a program of restricting religious activities and reducing the power of religious institutions.

Rasa News Agency