Despite waning turnout, 'Yellow Vests' enter 32nd week of protests

RNA - Except from a slight increase in demonstrator numbers two weeks ago, the movement has been losing steam, as turnout remained well below earlier peaks seen in November and December, when an estimated 300,000 took to the streets on Saturdays in protests that often resulted in widespread violence and vandalism in Paris.

The "yellow vests" protests, named after the bright jackets French drivers have to keep in their cars and which have been worn by demonstrators, began in November after public anger against fuel tax rises. Those were subsequently scrapped but the movement has since morphed into a broader anti-government protest.

The number of protesters has gradually fallen as a result of measures taken by President Emmanuel Macron to quell the public anger, such as tax cuts to boost consumers' spending power. Still, protesters present on Saturday continued to criticize Macron's policies.

Source: Reuters