07 July 2019 - 17:15
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Dean of MIU Meets with Chairman of the National Wisdom Movement:‎
During his visit to Iraq, Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Ali Abbasi met with Hujjat al-Islam ‎Sayyid Ammar ‎al-Hakim‎ and considered the message of al-Mustafa International University ‎as a benefit to ‎the world.‎

RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Ali Abbasi met with Hujjat al-Islam ‎Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, the ‎chairman of the National Wisdom Movement, during his trip to Iraq.‎

The dean of al-Mustafa International University said that al-Mustafa works in three ‎disciplines: the humanities, Islam and culture and language; and considered the divine ‎message of al-Mustafa International University ‎to be a benefit of the world, “Our mission is ‎to convey the message of spirituality and rationality to the people of the world.”‎
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He considered the disciplines of the humanities as including a cultural and civilizational ‎approach and emphasized the necessity of paying attention to this discipline for the purpose ‎the building of Islamic civilization.‎
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Hujjat al-Islam Abbasi continued, “al-Mustafa International University ‎is currently developing ‎content and programs that respond to the issues of the day.”‎
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His Eminence noted that some of the modern programs that are being developed by al-‎Mustafa International University ‎include specialist disciplines with the field of jurisprudence ‎such as environmental jurisprudence, family, educational, management and politics.‎

He added, “The Islamic Seminaries of Iraq also need to enter into new disciplines. al-Mustafa ‎International University ‎is ready to provide services in this regard.”‎
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In conclusion, Hujjat al-Islam Abbasi invited Hujjat al-Islam ‎al-Hakim to visit al-Mustafa ‎International University‎ in Qom. ‎

During this meeting, Hujjat al-Islam ‎al-Hakim ‎offered a cordial welcome to the dean of al-‎Mustafa International University‎ and his delegation and said, “The world is in the process of ‎change and evolution. With the expansion of social networks and concern among the new ‎generation of young people, it’s necessary for the Islamic Seminaries ‎to enter these ‎disciplines and pay attention to the new needs.”‎
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Referring to the current situation facing the Islamic Seminaries ‎of Najaf, the chairman of the ‎National Wisdom Movement said, “Ayatollah al-Sistani is enlightened and up-to-date and is ‎contemplating the systematization of seminary courses.”‎
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His Eminence continued, “According to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution ‎‎(Ayatollah Khamenei), Iraq is considered as the focus of the desire the Islamic Republic of ‎Iran and in Iran’s foreign policy, special attention has been paid to this issue.”‎

Hujjat al-Islam ‎al-Hakim ‎also referred to academic and educational issues as the basis for ‎interaction between Iran and Iraq and emphasized the continuity of academic ‎communication.‎

He further spoke on the desirability of expanding the academic and revolutionary ideas of al-‎Mustafa International University in the world and said, “It’s essential to take necessary ‎measures in this regard.”‎

‎Rasa News Agency


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