Police officers confront crowds with flash-bang grenades and pepper spray
Persistent demonstrations across the US calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality, on the heels of the heartless killing of George Floyd when a chokehold went wrong, are being met with a rising trend for apparent counter-protesters using vehicles to threaten or slam into marchers.
New York City Paints Black Lives Matter Mural in Front of Trump Tower
New York City started painting a Black Lives Matter mural Thursday on Fifth Avenue in front of President Donald Trump Tower.
New York Gov. Blasts Trump on School Reopenings: ‘It’s Not Up to President’
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump on Wednesday for pressuring state officials to reopen schools this fall, saying the federal government doesn’t have any authority over the matter.
Mary Trump's tell-all book into the sick mind of Uncle Donald
Since before Trump was elected, armchair psychiatrists and real professional mental health experts have been in violation of the Goldwater Rule, which in the American Psychiatric Association’s Principles of Medical Ethics states that one cannot diagnose a public person for whom one has not examined.
Western Humanitarianism at the OPCW Is Hypocritical
Western efforts to blame Syria for alleged chemical attacks in 2017 have led to a new action by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
Harvard, MIT File Suit over Trump Administration Visa Rule for International Students
Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed suit Wednesday against DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in an attempt to halt a proposed federal policy that could deport international students taking online-only courses at U.S. colleges.
Transcripts Show George Floyd Told Officers 'I Can't Breathe' More Than 20 Times
Newly released transcripts of the minutes leading up to George Floyd’s death revealed he told officers “I can’t breathe” more than 20 times, only to have his plea dismissed by Derek Chauvin, the white officer pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck, who said: “It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk”.
Hezbollah, Hamas Blast Israel's Annexation Plan, Pledge Unity
Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement and Palestinian resistance movement Hamas said Israel’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank is "aggression against the Palestinian people" and called for unity to confront it.
'Cheating as A Way of Life':Trump Niece’s Book Will Reportedly Discuss Values of 'Toxic' President
Donald Trump's estranged niece’s book is set to shed some “light” on the public image of America’s 45th president, by calling him a “toxic” man whose “twisted” values include the practice of “cheating as a way of life”, according to an excerpt from the memoir released on Monday, as cited by MSN.