International Criminal Court Should Investigate US War Crimes - Everywhere
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might be doing a rational thing to impose visa restrictions on a number of officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC) or many state and military officials will end up in jail.
US U-Turn: Afghans' Suffering Now Has No End
There is no end in sight for the suffering of people in Afghanistan because the Pentagon regime plans to keep its occupying troops in the war-torn country for five more years.
Television Channel 2 of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting (IRIB) aired a documentary film on an anti-Iran figure famous for his self-proclaimed leaked information against the country, revealing how the country’s intelligence forces had extensive surveillance over him and played him for a long span of time.
Bahrain's main opposition group, the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, has censured the recent jail terms handed down to scores of people over taking part in a sit-in in 2017.
A Loud Message to Washington
On Monday, for the first time Syrian President Bashar al-Assad paid a surprise visit to Iran.
Malcolm X at Oxford: 'They're going to kill me soon'
Just before his assassination, Malcolm X, the black activist took part in a debate at Oxford. Tariq Ali recalls their meeting, which left him in a state of shock – and is now the subject of a TV show
An Appreciation of Malcolm X from a Young Black Activist
“Who told you to hate the color of your skin?” Malcolm’s words always cut like a knife. That’s because Malcolm X understood that in order to destroy the citadel of white supremacy which rules this country, Black Americans must first destroy the fortresses of anti-Blackness which occupy our own minds.
US Wants to Remove Venezuela From the Playing Field
Appetite for Destruction:
The Trump Administration has ruled out any dialogue with Venezuelan President Maduro.
In Living Memory: Is America A Democracy?
In the United States, large parts of the population are afraid of their government as it does not believe in democracy, equality, and liberty.
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