11 November 2019 - 22:58
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Representative of Mazandaran in the Assembly of Experts:‎
Hujjat al-Islam Moallemi said that trusting the Americans at every level was a strategic error ‎was wrong and added, “Without a doubt, the United States the foremost enemy of the ‎Iranian people.”‎

RNA – In a meeting with a group of officials in Sari, Hujjat al-Islam Ali Moallemi, the ‎representative of the people of Mazandaran province in the Assembly of Experts, referred to ‎the history of American hostility against the Iranian people and said, “The late Imam ‎‎[Khomeyni] said that hatred and hostility to pure Muhammadan Islam rages in the entity and ‎nature of the United States.”‎

His Eminence added that the infallible Imams have always stood firm against the tyranny and ‎despotism of their time and said, “By studying history, we can see that none of the infallible ‎Imams compromised with tyrants and dictators.”‎
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Noting that this was also the case in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he ‎added, “Islamic Iran accepted and made commitments after years of negotiation but the ‎Great Satan and its allies made commitments but didn’t adhere to them.”‎
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Hujjat al-Islam Moallemi said that just as Imam Khomeyni said, the greatest naiveté is to ‎imagine that the vulturous powers, especially the United States, will leave us and Islam alone ‎and noted, “They will never end their animosity and we must never be negligent in the face ‎of the enemies’ hatred, even for one moment.” ‎

His Eminence emphasized that we must be vigilant and think with prudence and stand on our ‎feet and added, “The way to thwart the enemies’ conspiracies is to know the right way and ‎act in this manner.” ‎

He said that trusting the Americans at every level is a strategic error, stating, “The United ‎States is undoubtedly the foremost enemy of the Iranian people, and this has been proven ‎for decades.”‎
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Hujjat al-Islam Moallemi said that the United States and Europe were equally accused in the ‎matter of the JCPOA and said, “The Europeans didn’t take any practical action to preserve ‎the JCPOA despite all the promises they had made over the years.”‎

He said that the government taking the fourth step in reducing commitments to the JPCOA ‎was a revolutionary move and stated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will no longer disregard ‎the disloyalty of the United States and Europe and, just as the Supreme Leader of the ‎Islamic Revolution [Ayatollah Khamenei] has said, we must not wait‏ ‏too much for the United ‎States and Europe.”‎

Referring to the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran had fulfilled all of its obligations to the ‎JCPOA at the time, he stated, “But they didn’t even adhere to one of the commitments they ‎accepted.”‎

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