09 April 2019 - 11:08
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Bernie Sanders:
Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who has announced he is running for president again, has said that he believes Australian-born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is mainly a propaganda arm of the administration of President Donald Trump.

RNA -  Asked if Fox News broadcasts were propaganda for Trump, Sanders said, “In most respects, I think it is.”

"I think they have some people who you can describe as real journalists," Sanders told HuffPost. But he added, "Obviously, most of the station is right-wing propaganda."

According to a report, Fox News killed a report prior to the 2016 US presidential election revealing that Trump engaged in an affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels years ago.

The New Yorker reported last month that former FoxNews.com reporter Diana Falzone "had obtained proof" of the alleged sexual affair and got it confirmed with several key sources, including Daniels and her former husband.

The reporter had also obtained emails exchanged between Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, and Daniels’s attorney that showed that Cohen had offered to pay money to the port star in exchange for a nondisclosure agreement.

But then Fox News executive Ken LaCorte refused to publish the port, telling Falzone to "let it go."

“Good reporting, kiddo. But Rupert [Murdoch] wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go," LaCorte reportedly said.

On Monday, Sanders however also cautioned against completely rejecting the network.

“For better or for worse ― and it is for worse ― for whatever reason, you know, Fox has a huge viewing audience,” he said. “And to simply say that we’re not going to talk to millions of people who watch that network, I don’t think is smart."

"When I go on Fox, what I will say is, 'Look, many of you voted for Donald Trump, but he lied to you,' " Sanders continued. "He told you he was going provide health care for everybody. Yet his policies are to throw 30 million people off of the health insurance they have."

Sanders, an independent from Vermont who caucuses with Democrats, made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2016, losing out to Hillary Clinton, who in turn was defeated by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.

Sanders mounted a fierce challenge to Clinton as he spoke to swelling crowds and garnered passionate support on social media. His 2016 campaign also rejected the use of corporate money and instead relied on small-dollar donations.

His call for universal health care, a $15 minimum wage and free public university education has gained huge strong support among young liberals.

A former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Sanders won a US House of Representatives seat in 1990, making him the first independent elected to the House in 40 years. In 2006, he won a US Senate seat and in 2018 was voted in for a third six-year term.

The Vermont senator’s support among young voters has consistently placed him near the top of national and early state vote polls.


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