19 September 2018 - 18:59
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Rasa –‎ A response to the question: “Why didn’t Imam al-Husayn turn back from his course ‎and instead, continued ‎on his path after the martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqil by people of ‎Kufah and given his awareness of the situation of the people of Kufah and their disloyalty‎?”‎
Imam al-Husayn

RNA – The question is often asked why didn’t Imam al-Husayn turn back from his course and ‎instead, continued ‎on his path after the martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqil, his cousin and his ‎ambassador, by people of Kufah and given his awareness of the situation of the people of ‎Kufah and their disloyalty. ‎


In response, it can be said that after the martyrdom of Muslim ibn Aqil, Imam al-Husayn ‎became ‎aware of the situation of Kufah but didn’t turn back because the main objective of ‎the Imam was to ‎implement the divine commandment of Enjoining the Good and Forbidding ‎the Wrong and rise up ‎against the system of the arrogant, whose deviancy and excess was ‎obvious and at the same time, ‎he claimed to be the successor of the Prophet of God. Imam ‎al-Husayn had moved to reveal to the ‎world that Yazid ibn Mu’awiyah and his likes didn’t ‎deserve and deserve the caliphate‏.‏‎ He rose up to ‎reform the affairs of the Islamic ‎community and to eliminate the innovations and revive the traditions‏.‏


The ‘Master of the Martyrs’ considered it obligatory for himself to revolt against the system, ‎even ‎though he knew he would be martyred‏.‏‎ The Imam knew that if he, his companions and ‎his family, even his ‎infant son, weren’t martyred, Islam would not remain and God and His ‎Messenger and his traditions ‎‎would be destroyed‏.‏


Imam al-Husayn went forth for martyrdom‏.‏‎ With this in mind, nothing could stop the ‎movement of ‎the Imam towards Karbala, even the martyrdom of Muslim and the ‎unfaithfulness and deceit of the ‎people of Kufah‏.‏


Whenever religion is subject to seizure and change and its customs are eliminated by the ‎enemies, it’s ‎imperative that Muslims rise up in assistance of religion and defend it from the ‎dangers facing it, even ‎if it leads to their death‏.‏


It’s clear that the rule of an evil man who is know for engaging in corruption, drunkenness ‎and ‎playing with dogs, such as Yazid, is the greatest danger to Islam. If time went on ‎without protest ‎and the government of Rey wasn’t contested by anyone, his corruption ‎would have been irreparable ‎and would have led to the nullification of the Imam’s actions. ‎


Reliance on such men on the seat of the caliphate of the Prophet Muhammad shook public ‎opinion ‎and distorted opinions‏.‏‎ It might be that those who were on this principle and by ‎seeing the actions ‎and movements of Yazid against the sanctity of the Prophet and the plans ‎of Islam‏.‏‎ ‎


If a person, such ‎as Imam al-Husayn didn’t object to Yazid and didn’t announce his caliphate ‎as false, this mistake would ‎grow in the hearts of the people‏.‏‎ Moreover, it would have led ‎most people in society toward the thought, beliefs and practices ‎of Yazid. ‎


Nevertheless, the Imam assumed his responsibility to perform his duties and to revolt ‎against the ‎system, although he knew his uprising would lead to the martyrdom of his ‎family, his companions ‎and his family‏.‏‎ ‎


His death for the cause of God and the captivity of his family was desirable and dear to God‏.‏‎ ‎Of ‎course, the command of martyrdom in reality was the command to resistance.‎


Therefore, the uprising and movement of Imam al-Husayn was a divine duty that he needed ‎to ‎undertake, although it led to the martyrdom of himself, his youth and companions in ‎order to ‎prevent the destruction of Islam‏.‏‎ ‎


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