11 June 2018 - 21:48
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Anniversary of Imam Khomeini's in Pretoria S. Africa:
Rasa - Anniversary of Imam Khomeini under the topic of “Islamic unity from Imam Khomeini viewpoint” held in Pretoria, South Africa.
Anniversary of Imam Khomeini Anniversary of Imam Khomeini

RNA - In the anniversary of Imam Khomeini which was held under the topic “Islamic unity from Imam Khomeini viewpoint” Dr. Mokhtari the Chancellor of the University of Islamic denominations and head manager of International Institute of Urva al-Wothqa had a speech.


Dr. Mokhtari as an invited lecturer participated in the conference which academics and Islamic ceremonial figures of Shiite and Sunni was also present.


He said in his speech that Imam Khomeini from the beginning of his movement raise the discussion of Unity and said there must be unity, alliance and integrity among all of Islamic denominations.


“Today unfortunately extremist groups are publishing incorrect interpretations of religious texts. This kind of thoughts are rejected in Imam Khomeini`s approach and these incorrect interpretations has caused some problems in the way of Islamic unity. Even there are incorrect interpretations about Jihad which resulted in pessimism about Muslims in the world. Extremist groups for reaching to their goals even don’t hesitate killing their Muslim Brothers”. Added Mokhtari. “This incorrect interpretations help the enemies of Islam to invade Islamic lands more, and cause division among Muslims”.


He also pointed to the role of mosques, the scholars and universities in creation of Islamic unity and said “the duty of a scholars and religious elites is preparing the correct interpretation of Islamic basis and clarifying the danger of extremist groups. They should enlighten the others by their speeches, writing books and articles and preventing the young generation from the extremist deviation”.


Dr. Mokhtari emphasized that based on certain hadiths, Holy Prophet and almighty Imams rejected the extremist opinions about Islam.


He added “from the holy prophet Muhammad`s viewpoint these approaches are condemned and represented a type of deviation from the way of faith”.


Dr. Mokhtari said that the Imam Khomeini believed that the Islam is the religion of contemplation and thinking and many verses of Quran emphasize on this issue.


At the end of his speech Dr. Mokhtari said “it's completely obvious that we should invite the society to Islamic religion and divine learnings by the way of wisdom, good preaching and speeches, wise manners, righteous dialogue. Islam has been spread by dialogue, logic negotiation, opinion exchange, listening to the others and restatement the truth. Islam has dominated hearts by the logic and wisdom and its followers has accepted Islam from the depth of their hearts. So Islam is not adapted with rigidity and extremism. The message of Islam is knowledge and dialogue. Therefore Imam Khomeini emphasizes on pure Islam which is extracted from authentic divine truth and is accompanied by rationalism.



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