Palestinian Shot at Gaza Border Rally Dies of Injury
A Palestinian young man on Monday night succumbed to a serious injury sustained during his participation in a March of Return rally on the Gaza border.
Arms flow into Mideast dangerously rises
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has found that arms sales to the Middle East have grown by 87 percent over the past five years, with Saudi Arabia topping the list of importers.
Israel to Construct 23,000 Buildings in East Jerusalem
Israel will construct more than 20,000 new houses in occupied East Jerusalem in the next five years, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
10,000 Civilians Forced from Homes in Myanmar's Rakhine Since November
A United Nations (UN) human rights investigator stated that up to 10,000 civilians have been forced to flee their homes in Myanmar’s Northwestern state of Rakhine since November last year as a result of continued violence and a lack of humanitarian aid due to government restrictions.
US Hides ISIL Commanders in Al-Rukban Camp Near Border with Iraq
The American Army has hidden notorious ISIL terrorist commanders in al-Rukban Camp in the occupied al-Tanf region near the border with Iraq as civilians are prevented from leaving the camp by Washington-backed militants.
US Army, SDF Help Thousands of ISIL Terrorists Move out of Eastern Deir Ezzur
The US Army and its allied militants helped a large number of the ISIL terrorists to get out of Deir Ezzur province as Washington and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are preparing to declare the end of the ISIL in Eastern Euphrates.
Israeli Soldier Kills Palestinian Young Man in West Bank
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday cold-bloodedly killed a Palestinian young man on a road near Jericho, East of the West Bank.
Army Destroys Terrorists' Command Centers, Arms Cache in Hama, Idlib
The Damascus Army pounded and destroyed the command headquarters and weapons depot of the terrorists in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib over the past 24 hours.
The Chief purpose of Muslims is combat against dictatorship
The Chairman of Tunisian Ennahdha Movement
The Chairman of Tunisian Ennahdha Movement, mentioning that Islam doesn’t oppose democracy and freedom, said, “the chief purpose of Muslims is combat against dictatorship”.