Israeli forces injure 5 Palestinians in West Bank
Five Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces escorting hundreds of settlers into a shrine in the occupied West Bank.
Jordan MPs urge government to expel Israeli envoy over al-Aqsa provocations
Jordanian lawmakers have called on the government to expel Israel’s ambassador and review a 1994 peace treaty with Tel Aviv in protest at the regime’s recent provocations and violation of international law at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
Russian Army Troops Deploy Near Border with Iraq for First Time
The Russian Army dispatched fresh troops and deployed them to the East of Deir Ezzur along the border with Iraq for the first time to build military centers, media reports said.
Bahrain joins US military coalition in Persian Gulf
The Al Khalifa regime in power in Bahrain has announced support for a US coalition in the Persian Gulf as Washington remains desperate to recruit more allies in its attempts to escalate tensions with Iran.
Kashmir schools, offices reopen amid tight security
Schools and government offices reopened in India's Jammu and Kashmir on Monday (August 19), after two weeks of lockdown.
Pakistan accuses India of using water as weapon of war
Pakistan says India has failed to inform it about the release of water from a dam that could cause flooding across the border, accusing New Delhi of waging an all-out warfare against Islamabad.
Rights groups voice solidarity with hunger-striking Bahraini inmates
Human rights organizations have expressed solidarity with hundreds of political prisoners, who have launched a mass hunger strike in protest against mistreatment as well as poor conditions in Bahraini regime’s jails and detention facilities.
17 countries of Saudi-led coalition defeated in Yemen: Houthi
Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement says the 17 countries comprising a coalition led by the regime in Riyadh are now divided and only one or two states are keeping up with the bloody Saudi campaign.
Anger grows amid protests over Kashmir
Tension over Kashmir is growing rapidly with Pakistanis, Kashmiris and Indians reacting all around the world.