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Rasa News Agency - Army’s Elite 4th Division Begins Battle against ISIL in Southern Syria
Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Time : Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Syria in Last 24 Hours:
Army’s Elite 4th Division Begins Battle against ISIL in Southern Syria
Rasa - The Damascus Army resumed its large-scale offensive against the ISIL in Toloul al-Safa region in the Eastern desert of Sweida over the past 24 hours.
RNA - The Syrian army, led by the elite 4th Division, kicked off a big assault on Sunday by storming the ISIL’s positions from three different flanks, including the Qabr Sheikh Hossein front.


The 4th Division reportedly scored a new advance at the Qabr Sheikh Hussein front after an intense battle with the ISIL this morning.


Meantime, the Syrian army continued its military advances in other parts of Syria over the past 24 hours.


Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army's operations in provinces across Syria.




The Syrian Army resumed its large-scale offensive against the ISIL in Toloul al-Safa region in the Eastern desert of Sweida on Sunday.


Led by the elite 4th Division, the Syrian army kicked off a big assault on Sunday morning by storming the ISIL’s positions from three different flanks, including the Qabr Sheikh Hossein front, massdar news reported.


The 4th Division reportedly scored a new advance at the Qabr Sheikh Hussein front after an intense battle with the ISIL this morning.


According to a military source in Sweida city, the army managed to kill over ten ISIL terrorists, while also destroying several trenches and position in Toloul al-Safa region.


The Syrian Arab Army is now working to surround one of the highest peaks in Toloul al-Safa region before they make a major push to liberate this key hilltop in Southern Syria.




Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) stormed the positions of a rival terrorist group in Northern Lattakia and managed to capture their bases on Sunday.


Tahrir al-Sham launched a heavy offensive against Kata'eb Ansra al-Sham in Jabal al-Turkmen in Northern Lattakia, pushing the latter back from a number of strongholds and bases.


The clashes came after Ansar al-Sham cut relations with Tahrir al-Sham.




Ankara-backed militants continue looting the infrastructural facilities and plants in occupied Afrin region and are engaged in daily infighting over their share of war booties, a Kurdish media outlet reported on Sunday.


The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that Ankara-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiyah militants have stolen the rail lines in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo, especially from the village of Maydan Akbas in Rajou region to the town of Azaz in Northern Aleppo.


It went on to say that the Ankara-backed militants of Ahrar al-Sham engaged in fresh clashes over distribution of looted olive products of farmers in Jandaris region.


In the meantime, a commander of Faylaq al-Sham, a close ally of the Turkish officials, has embarked on excavation and stealing historical artifacts from Maydanaki and Nabi Houri regions.


Meanwhile, the Turkish Army deployed almost 3,000 fresh forces at border with Syria amid intensifying of tensions with Kurdish militias in Northern Syria.


According to Fars News Agancy, the Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that almost 3,000 Turkish soldiers have been deployed in several border regions opposite the Syrian town of Tal Abyadh on the Eatern Banks of the Euphrates River.


It went on to say that the army further forwarded more military equipment near the border villages West of the Syrian town of Kobani in Aleppo province.


Hawar news said that the army's artillery and mortar units pounded the villages of Ali Shar and al-Ziyarah near Kobani.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently said that the army will kick off large-scale operation against the Kurds on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates River.




Terrorists continue missile attacks on the Syrian army positions in Western Hama in violation of the Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey that rules for setting up a demilitarized zone in Northern Syria, a Russian media outlet reported on Sunday.


The Arabic-language website of the Russian state-run news agency, Sputnik, reported that the terrorist groups, deployed in demilitarized zone North of al-Ghaab Plain in Western Hama, launched missile attacks on army positions and residential areas in the small town of Jourin in Western Hama on Saturday afternoon.


It further said that two Syrian soldiers were killed and another one was injured in the attack, adding that the army's artillery units retaliated and opened heavy fire at terrorists' missile platforms in the villages of Tal Waset, al-Ziyarah, al-Mansourah and al-Sarmaniyah.


The region that terrorists used to launch attacks on army is an intersection point for the terrorist groups of Turkistani Islamic Party, Liwa Soghour al-Ghaab affiliated to the Turkey-backed National Liberation Front and ISIL-affiliated Ansar al-Tawhid and is located in the demilitarized zone specified by the Sochi Agreement.



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