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Rasa News Agency - 71 participant from 46 different countries have qualified for the 2nd round of the International Quranic Completions for the Seminary Students
Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Time : Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Hossein Assadi:
71 participant from 46 different countries have qualified for the 2nd round of the International Quranic Completions for the Seminary Students
Rasa - The head of the headquarters holding the second round of international Quranic Competitions for the Seminary Students of the Religious Sciences announced that “71 people, from 46 different countries have qualified for the second round of the International Quranic Competitions for the Seminary Students of the Religious Sciences”.

RNA - According to the report of the Information and Promotion Committee of the second international Quranic competitions for the Seminary Students of the Islam world, in the press conference held in Al-Mustafa International University’s conference hall, Hussein Asadi stated,‌‌‌ “The competition will be held in three field of reciting and interpretation, memorisation of the whole Quran along with interpretation and Quranic sermon delivering and the addition of interpretation to memorisation and reciting and the creation of Quranic sermon delivering are the innovation of the second round of competitions‌‌”.


He pointed out, “71 participant, from 46 different countries, including Iran, Azerbaijan, Argentina, England, Bosnia, Pakistan, Turkey, Denmark, Senegal, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, Lebanon, Mali, Egypt, Nigeria, India and Yemen, as the representative of all ‌‌‌‌continents have qualified for the second round of the competitions”.


The head of the headquarters holding the second round of the International Quranic Competitions for the Seminary Students of the Religious Sciences, mentioning that the primary round of the competitions was held in Al-Mustafa International University and its branches abroad in 25 countries, said,‌ “That the primary round of the competitions was held in the said countries was an important Quranic cultural event”.


He pointed out, “15 prominent international masters on reciting, memorisation, interpretation and Quranic sermon delivering, 8 from Iran, and 7 from Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, Syria and Egypt, will judge and assess the competitors”‌‌.


Saying that the competitions will be held in Imam Kazim Seminary, in the East Mualim Blvd, Qom, Asadi added, “at 9:30 AM, April 21, the formal welcome ceremony of the guests will be held in the campus of the seminary and then, the briefing session, draw and intensive workshops on interpretation and delivering Quranic sermons will be held”‌‌‌.


He also announced that the opening ceremony of the International Quranic Competitions will be held at 18 PM, on Saturday, April 21.‌ Ayatollah Aarafi’s speech, presentation of Tawāshīḥ and anthems are some of the opening programs.‌‌ Attendance in Hazrat Masuma holy shrine, meeting Ayatollah Saeedi and delivering the Quranic programs, visiting the grand Sources of Emulation and having a meeting with the chairman of the Organisation for Endowment and Charity Affairs are other programs of the ceremony‌‌‌.


The head of the headquarters holding the second round of the International Quranic Competitions for the Seminary Students of the Religious Sciences stated, ‌ “On April 34, the final round of the competitions, and on the same day the closing ceremony will be held in the presence of Ayatollah Subani.‌‌ Other additional programs held along with the competitions are the trip to Mashhad and paying pilgrimage to Imam Reza holy Shrine‌”.


Holding the Quranic forums with the attendance of the Quran reciters and memoriser in Qom seminaries, mosques and the shrines of Imams’ sons/daughters are other programs held by the Organisation for Endowment and Charity Affairs‌‌.


Pointing to the significance of addressing the interpretation of Quran, Asadi said, “Interpretation is a highly practical area for the seminary students and a missions considered for the seminary, therefore it is attempted to encourage the centralisation of Quran in ‌‌‌‌promotions”.


Pointing to the sermon delivering part of the Quranic competition, he said, “The participants’ video file on their delivering sermons were received in February, and the qualified participants were selected and currently 22 participants are going to take part in the sermon delivering part of the competitions”‌‌‌.


The head of the Headquarters holding the second round of the International Quranic Competitions for the Seminary Students of the Religious Sciences pointed to the seminary approach to Quran after Ayatollah Aarafi was appointed to the‌‌‌ management of the Seminaries and then said, “the cooperation and synergy by the high seminary institutes in this regard is significant and the Seminary Strategic and Arrangement Council on Quranic Affairs, chaired by Ayatollah Aarafi and with the membership of High seminary institutes, have been formed‌”‌.


He also said that the heads of brothers/sisters seminaries, Islamic Development Organisation, the Organisation for Endowment and Charity Affairs, Al-Mustafa International University, Khorasan Seminary, Isfahan Seminary and the institutes impacting the Quranic decision-making across the country, including the Board of Quranic Culture Development, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Ministry of Education and the Islamic ‌‌‌Development Organisation are the members of the said council.


Asadi announced, “The said council has been formed so that the Quranic activities within different fields, such as education, research and promotion will be directed and the necessary arrangement and synergy is created between the seminary institutions”.‌‌‌ “We hope that these competitions, with the said aim, makes the seminary students highly fond of Quran and ‌encourages the institutionalisation of the Quranic concepts”.


Rasa News Agency



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