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Rasa News Agency - The Zionist death bell has sounded
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Time : Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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Islamic Scholars of the World:
The Zionist death bell has sounded
Rasa – Various scholars of the Islamic world have pointed out that the promises of God Almighty will be fulfilled soon in the victory of the Front of Truth, and the Zionist regime will be destroyed.

RNA – According Rasa News Agency, various scholars of the Islamic world have issued separate messages and speeches and have admitted that it’s time for the “divine promise” to be fulfilled and the Zionist regimes death is near following the recent developments in the Muslim world and specially the inside the Middle East.


During an interview, Shaykh Sa’id Abu Nasir, a Palestinian scholar and a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, noted that, “It’s obligatory for the Muslim world to become united in face of threats posed by the enemies of Islam.”


“If the Muslim scholars come together and unite, God’s promise of victory over the enemies will be realized because enemies, like the Zionist regime, cannot confront the Muslim ummah,” he added.


Palestine “the heart of the Islamic ummah”


Baba Haydar, a Sunni scholar based in Mali, described Palestine as “the main and primary issue of the Islamic world” and added, “The more Islamic and Arab countries engage in other issues, the more they will go astray from the main issue of the Islamic ummah, which is Palestine.”


“Palestine is the heart of the Islamic ummah and if a heart faints, the other organs of a body won’t work as well,” he emphasized.


Islamic scholars must save Muslims from oppression


Muhammad ibn Barik, a Sufi scholar from Algeria, also pointed out that, “The unity of scholars of Islam, under any circumstances would be a positive and desirable act. If scholars of the Islamic ummah become united, they can mutually understand each other and have dialogue regarding the main goals of the Islamic ummah.”


He stressed that Islamic scholars must not allow the Muslims anywhere in the world, such as Rohingya, Pakistan, Africa and Palestine to be oppressed.


Russia defender of the oppressed Palestinian people


Fahim al-Shafa’i, the director of the Russian Centre for Cultural and Islamic Studies, said, “The government and the people of Russia are seriously seeking Islamic unity, and have held various meetings and conferences in this regard.”


He noted Russia’s “active participation in the war against terrorism in Syria” adding, “Russia has been active for the war against international terrorism for decades.”


Islamic countries not to forget Palestine


Faysal Husayn Hasan, chairman of the Sufi Youth of Chad, said in a statement, “The people of Chad, both Christians and Muslims, are committed to supporting the oppressed Palestinian people as a humanitarian and religious duty against the Zionist regime.”


He added that Islamic countries are struggling with various problems, such as terrorism and extremism, and have forgotten the fundamental issue of the Islamic world, which is Palestine. Thus, the religious scholars must revive this important issue with conferences and meetings. 


Zionists are coward, corrupt and enemies of the Islamic ummah


The vice-president of the Union of Scholars of the Levant in Jordan said, “The Islamic ummah must not underestimate the enemy, but must use all its capabilities to help the Islamic resistance movements against the common enemy under the flag of Islam.”


Referring to the verses of the Holy Quran, he added, “God Almighty described the Zionists as cowardly, and according to the Quranic and historical evidences hostility of Zionists is not something new.”



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