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Rasa News Agency - Lebanese Sunni scholars hail military operations against Daesh
Monday, May 21, 2018
Time : Monday, August 21, 2017
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Lebanese Sunni scholars hail military operations against Daesh
Rasa – Sunni scholars and organizations from across Lebanon have expressed their satisfaction since the beginning of the military operations against the Daesh Takfiri terrorist organization.


RNA – In separate messages, Sunni scholars and organizations of Lebanon announced their strong support for the Lebanese army’s operation against Daesh terrorists in Jaroud al-Qa’a and Ras Baalbek.

Today, the Lebanese army launched a military operation against Daesh forces in the east of the country near the border with Syria.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun was present at the command post in the Defense Department to launch the operation, called ‘Fajr al-Jaroud.’”

At the same time, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has begun another operation on another border. The Lebanese army is fighting in the Ras Baalbek and al-Qa’a in the east and Hezbollah is fighting in the heights of Qarah and al-Jarajir in Syria.

Shaykh Ahmad al-Qattan, the head of Lebanon’s Qawluna wal-Amal [We Say and Act] Society, sent greetings to the army commanders and troops, saying, “The army forces, especially the participants in the operation, engaging in a heroic sacrifice to secure Lebanon and the Lebanese people.”

He added that this blessed operation complements the other victories achieved because the army, the nation and the resistance to Daesh and the al-Nusrah Front and all those who seek to violate the sovereignty of the land and spread corruption and murder in Lebanon no longer have the capabilities to do so.

The Sunni cleric emphasized the need to eliminate factional, religious and tribal differences among the Lebanese people and to broadly and decisively support the military in the military operations against terrorists.

The Party Coordination Council
commended the start of the military operations by the Lebanese and Syrian armies and the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah] against the terrorists on the Lebanon-Syria border and said, “Coordination between Lebanon and Syria means the failure of the US-Zionist plots and the victory for the Resistance Axis and cooperation between the two countries in the face of the Zionist occupiers and the colonial powers.”

The council also condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona, Spain and Turku, Finland and called for international cooperation to combat the phenomenon of terrorism and to end the support and use of terrorists to fulfill the strategic and colonialist goals by Western governments.

Shaykh Maher Abdul-Razzaq, the head of the Lebanese Reform and Unity Movement, emphasized the need for military support from various groups and all political parties in the nation.

He stated that since the battle of the Lebanese army between the Daesh terrorists began, all people and groups are required to stand alongside with the army.

The Islamic Action Front, headed by Shaykh Zahir al-Ja’id, expressed satisfaction at the start of the military operation to liberate Jaroud al-Qa’a and Ras Baalbek from Daesh.

This front emphasized the necessity of accompanying the army and declaring their solidarity with them and stated that providing spiritual assistance and assistance to the forces is an important factor in achieving victory in the least amount of time and with the least amount of damage.

In regard to the army’s operation in Jaroud al-Qa’a and Baalbek, Shaykh Abdul-Latif Daryan, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, said, “Fighting against terrorism means a victory for the Lebanese government. The Lebanese army is able to defend the country’s borders and expel the aggressors of the country.”

He said that the heroes and self-sacrificing men who represent the Lebanese army, especially Commander Imad Joseph Aoun, as eliminating terrorism on the borders of the country, is commendable.

The Sunni scholar expressed his strong support for the army to restore the Lebanese government’s sovereignty over the entire country and called the Lebanese people toward solidarity with the army.

He emphasized that the army is the guarantor of protecting the security and stability of the homeland and will provide security for Lebanon and all of the Lebanese people.


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