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Rasa News Agency
Thursday, November 15, 2018
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‘Iran's anti-imperialist position root cause of US hostility’
Rasa - The United States’ hostile attitude toward Iran is rooted in the Iranians’ steadfastness in standing up to Washington’s bullying, a commentator said.
11/5/2018 11:46:00 AM
Trump Too Small to Challenge Iranian Nation
Rasa - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday that US President Donald Trump is “too small” to be able to challenge the Iranian nation, and reassured that Iranians will make the White House regret its decisions.
11/5/2018 11:34:00 AM
Yemeni forces foil Saudi-led push to seize port before talks
Rasa - Yemen’s armed forces have decisively countered an all-out Saudi offensive, which was in the works for days to seize the country’s strategic Red Sea port.
11/5/2018 11:23:00 AM
IRGC Top Commander:
US Sanctions against Iran Destined to Failure
Rasa - Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari underlined that the US attempts to force the country to make concessions through sanctions and pressures are all doomed to failure.
11/5/2018 11:17:00 AM
US universities reconsidering ties with Saudi Arabia
Rasa - American colleges and universities are reconsidering ties with Saudi Arabia despite having received over $350 million from the kingdom over the past 10 years, according to a report.
11/5/2018 11:07:00 AM
Judiciary Chief:
US Never Able to Overthrow Islamic Republic in Iran
Rasa - Iranian Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani underlined the US inability to implement its long-awaited plot to overthrow the Islamic Republic in Iran through sanctions and pressures.
11/5/2018 10:59:00 AM
Netanyahu praises Trump for reinstating anti-Iran sanctions
Rasa - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed US President Donald Trump's decision to reimpose all sanctions lifted under the 2015 nuclear accord on Iran.
11/5/2018 10:48:00 AM
IRGC Commander:
Waivers Prove Defeat of US Sanctions Policy against Iran
Rasa - Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami underlined that the US administration's decision to grant eight jurisdictions on special exceptions to continue importing oil from Iran indicates Washington's failure in advancing its hostile policies.
11/5/2018 10:35:00 AM
Anniversary of US embassy takeover in Iran
Rasa - A selection of photos from nationwide Sunday rallies marking the anniversary of the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, the Iranian capital in 1979
11/5/2018 10:23:00 AM
Israeli Settlers Assault, Injure Two Palestinians in Hebron
Rasa - A father and his son were injured after they were attacked by extremist Israeli settlers in Tal Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron city, in the Southern West Bank.
11/5/2018 10:12:00 AM
Iran envoy grills UK daily over Saudi-linked TV station
Rasa - Iran’s ambassador to the United Kingdom has called on a leading newspaper to be more informative in its investigation into the funding of a newly-established anti-Iran TV station.
11/5/2018 10:04:00 AM
IRGC Marks Aban 13th:
Nation’s Resistance Led to US Power Downturn
Rasa - The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) rolled out a statement to mark the anniversary of the US embassy takeover on 13th of Aban (Nov. 4), saying the Iranian nation’s resistance has led to the decline of US power.
11/5/2018 9:57:00 AM
Fresh US-led airstrikes kill 15 Syrian civilians in Dayr al-Zawr
Rasa - At least 15 civilians have lost their lives after the US-led warplanes lunched airstrikes against a town in Syria’s troubled eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr, media reports say.
11/5/2018 9:46:00 AM
Life Sentences for Bahrain Opposition Figures
Rasa - Bahrain's appeals court sentenced three senior members of the country's opposition movement to life in prison over charges of spying for neighboring Qatar, according to a statement from the public prosecutor.
11/5/2018 9:34:00 AM
Israeli Forces Injure Tens of Palestinians at Gaza Border
Rasa - Dozens of Palestinians were injured by live bullets or sustained suffocation from teargas inhalation on Friday as Israeli forces attacked the Great March of Return rallies at Gaza border.
11/5/2018 9:26:00 AM
Syria in Last 24 Hours:
Army Tightens Noose on ISIL in Sweida Desert
Rasa - The Damascus Army resumed its military operation in the Eastern desert of Sweida, tightening noose on the ISIL terrorists in Toloul al-Safa rugged terrains over the past 24 hours.
11/5/2018 9:20:00 AM
FM Zarif:
World opposes US anti-Iran policies
Rasa - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says US policies and decisions are facing "practical opposition" across the world as Washington plans to re-impose sanctions on Iran's vital oil-exporting and financial sectors.
11/4/2018 11:12:00 AM
Nigerian Army Attacks Peaceful Arbaeen Pilgrims in Abuja
Rasa - The Nigerian army repeatedly opened fire on peaceful Arbaeen mourners of Imam Hossein (AS) and followers of jailed Nigerian Muslim cleric, Sheikh Zakzaky, in Abuja.
11/4/2018 11:01:00 AM
Rights Group 'Renames' Street Outside Saudi's London Embassy After Slain Journalist
Rasa - Amnesty International renamed the street outside Saudi Arabia's embassy in London as "Khashoggi Street" with a mock sign to mark the one month anniversary since the journalist's killing in Turkey.
11/4/2018 10:54:00 AM
White Helmets are branch of Jabhat al-Nusra
Rasa - Evidence has shown the Western-backed White Helmets "aid" group is a branch of the Takfiri Jabhat Fateh al-Sham militant group, also known as the al-Nusra Front, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.
11/4/2018 10:49:00 AM