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Rasa News Agency
Monday, July 16, 2018
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Israel blocks EU diplomats from visiting Bedouin village
Rasa - European diplomats have been barred from paying a solidarity visit to a school in a Palestinian Bedouin village in the West Bank under threat of demolition by Israeli authorities.
7/6/2018 10:42:06 PM
Ayatollah Jannati:
The true face of American human rights has been demonstrated to the world
Rasa – The secretary-general of the Guardian Council saying that the Saudi crimes against Yemen re being carried out in the shadow of the silence of the defenders of human rights and demonstrating the true face of American human rights in the world.
7/5/2018 11:51:29 PM
IRGC ready to act on Rouhani's warning on US oil bans: Chief commander
Rasa - Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it stands ready to put in action President Hassan Rouhani's latest position that if Tehran were not able to export its crude oil through the Strait of Hormuz, no other country would be able to do so.
7/5/2018 11:44:32 PM
UN, EU urge Israel to stop demolition of Bedouin village in West Bank
Rasa - The European Union and the United Nations have called on the Israeli regime to halt its plan to raze a village belonging to Palestinian Bedouin families in the occupied West Bank, saying such actions are contrary to international law and undermine peace efforts.
7/5/2018 11:07:52 PM
NGOs Criticize UAE over Human Rights Abuses
Rasa - Human rights NGOs gathered on Wednesday at the UN headquarters in Geneva called for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to comply with international standards with regards to human rights.
7/5/2018 11:02:50 PM
Gaza teen dies of wounds from clashes with Israeli troops
Rasa - A Palestinian teenager has succumbed to wounds he received during clashes with Israeli troops in the besieged Gaza Strip, says the Palestinian Health Ministry.
7/5/2018 10:58:41 PM
Demolition of Palestinian village part of ethnic cleansing: Analyst
Rasa - Israel’s plan to demolish the Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank is part of the larger process of "ethnic cleansing" of the occupied territories, says an analyst.
7/5/2018 10:55:54 PM
UAE Military Delegation Visits Israel
Rasa - Israeli media reported Wednesday that a military delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently in Israel for an official visit.
7/5/2018 10:49:48 PM
+130 Women Wounded by Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Rally
Rasa - At least 134 Protesters have been wounded by Israeli gunfire as thousands of Palestinian women demonstrated along the heavily fortified fence in the besieged Gaza Strip.
7/5/2018 10:44:30 PM
Syria in Past 24 Hours:
Army Nearing End of Eastern Dara'a Operation
Rasa - The Syrian army troops continued their anti-terrorism operation in Eastern Dara'a and managed to capture more regions on Wednesday, nearing a complete mop-up in the region.
7/5/2018 10:30:51 PM
Hujjat al-Islam Nazari-Shahroudi:
Strong leadership of Imam Khomeini country out of crisis have passed
Rasa – The deputy of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom said that we must put our preferences aside, stand behind the Supreme Leader and act on the basis of his guidelines.
7/4/2018 11:54:41 PM
Trump’s Brutal Refugee Policy Is Inspiring Far Right in Europe
Rasa - The biggest threat against the survival of humanity is not brutality and unkindness, it is stupidity and selfishness. That’s exactly what is happening today in Trump’s America.
7/4/2018 11:52:48 PM
Israel to try official accused of spying for Iran
Raas - Former Israeli minister Gonen Segev, who is accused of spying for Iran, is slated to stand trial in Jerusalem al-Quds on Thursday.
7/4/2018 11:49:08 PM
Violent Foreign Policy: A US Path to Failure for All Seasons
Rasa - On Saturday, June 30, top Trump aide Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich were at the forefront of a new push for violent regime change in Iran, centred around the latest conference organized by the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK also known as MKO, NCRI or PMOI) in Paris.
7/4/2018 11:47:38 PM
Tehran summons French, Belgian, German diplomats over diplomat arrest
Rasa - Iran’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the French and Belgian ambassadors as well as Germany's chargé d'affaires to protest the arrest of an Iranian diplomat.
7/4/2018 11:46:09 PM
Another Setback for Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen
Rasa - Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pumped billions of dollars into fighting in the port city of Hodeidah in Yemen, but the desperate campaign to occupy the besieged city failed after their local and international allies either turned against each other or quit.
7/4/2018 11:43:15 PM
UN: 11,432 Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar in 2018
Rasa - At least 11,432 Rohingya Muslims have fled violence and persecution in Myanmar and crossed into Bangladesh so far in 2018, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein says.
7/4/2018 11:39:10 PM
General Soleimani Lauds President Rouhani for Stance on Israel, Iran's Oil Exports
Rasa - Commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Qassem Soleimani appreciated President Hassan Rouhani for both his remarks against Israel and his warning against any possible US move to stop Iran's oil exports.
7/4/2018 11:37:16 PM
35 Palestinians injured in clash with Israeli forces over Bedouin communities
Rasa - Scuffles broke out on Wednesday between Israeli authorities and protesters who feared preparations were underway to raze a Bedouin village in a strategic part of the occupied West Bank, despite international calls for a reprieve.
7/4/2018 11:35:40 PM
Iran Condemns Saudi Arabia's Airstrike on Wedding Ceremony in Yemen
Rasa - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi strongly condemned a Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a wedding ceremony in Yemen's province of Sa’ada.
7/4/2018 11:31:54 PM