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Rasa News Agency
Monday, July 16, 2018
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Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah:
The cause of all the calamities of the world is the Zionist regime
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Na’im Qasim called for the formation of a government in Lebanon as soon as possible. He called the United States a “ruthless, arrogant and criminal” country and said that the Zionist regime is the cause of all the calamities in the region and the world.
6/29/2018 11:57:41 PM
Qom Friday Prayer Leader:
The authorities must be serious about solving the problems faced by Iranian people
Rasa – Ayatollah Hoseyni-Bushehri stated that despite all the problems and pressures facing Iran, the nation has emerged from this great test and added, “The authorities must seriously and urgently solve the problems of the people and obtain their consent.”
6/29/2018 11:56:07 PM
Senior Cleric Calls on Iranian Gov't to Expedite Implementation of Resistance Economy
Rasa - Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi underlined the importance of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei's insistence that the government should do its best to meet the resistance economy objectives.
6/29/2018 10:27:00 PM
Zarif to Pompeo:
US, not Iran, squandering own people's resources
Rasa - Iran's top diplomat says the US is squandering the resources of its own nation to push ahead with its policy of adventurism abroad and support "terror-sponsoring regimes," stressing that the American people have had enough of "corruption" and "injustice" at home.
6/28/2018 11:22:58 PM
Israel Plans to Expand Illegal Settlement in Bethlehem
Rasa - Israeli occupation authorities are planning to push plans to double the size of an illegal settlement built on private Palestinian land near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Quds Press .
6/28/2018 11:20:05 PM
Syria in Past 24 Hours:
Army Frees over 40 Regions in Eastern Dara'a Operation
Rasa - The Syrian Army troops managed to liberate a sum of 44 towns and villages in Eastern Dara'a in less than a week, seizing more than 10 military vehicles in the battlefield, information released by the Syrian army in the last 24 hours said.
6/28/2018 11:18:29 PM
Israeli tank fire kills Palestinian teen near Gaza fence
Rasa - A Palestinian teenager has been killed after being hit by Israeli tank fire at a fence along the besieged Gaza Strip and occupied territories, Gaza's Health Ministry says.
6/28/2018 11:15:28 PM
Palestinian Prisoner Subjected to Harsh Torture in Israeli Dungeons
Rasa - A Wednesday statement by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) quoted a PPS lawyer as stating that al-Kiswani, from Occupied Jerusalem, suffers severe backaches inflicted by the torture tactics pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities during the interrogation phase, Palinfo reported.
6/28/2018 11:13:33 PM
International community must ensure destruction of Israel’s WMD arsenal
Rasa - Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US and Israel are main impediments to establishment of a WMD-free Middle East, urging the international community to guarantee annihilation of Israel’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).
6/28/2018 11:11:52 PM
Arab states’ intel heads, Mossad chief hold secret meeting: Report
Rasa - Spy chiefs of Israel and regional Arab countries have reportedly attended a secret summit hosted by the US president's senior advisor as Washington moves to conclude a controversial "peace" plan on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without the consent of the Palestinian side.
6/28/2018 10:59:15 PM
Saudis Arrest Another Women's Right Activist
Rasa - Saudi Arabia arrested Hatoon al-Fassi, a Saudi women's rights activist and writer, as part of its crackdown on activists in the kingdom, according to a human rights group.
6/28/2018 10:47:41 PM
Saudi airstrike leaves seven civilians dead in western Yemen
Rasa - At least seven civilians have been killed when Saudi military aircraft carried out an airstrike against a residential area in Yemen’s western coastal province of Hudaydah as the Riyadh regime presses ahead with its atrocious bombardment campaign against its southern neighbor.
6/28/2018 10:31:55 PM
Protest Outside UNRWA against US Funding Cut in Gaza
Rasa - Employees at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) rallied outside its headquarters in Gaza City to protest at the recent US funding cuts.
6/28/2018 10:15:24 PM
Ayatollah Vahid-Khorasani:
If a Sunni nation is attacked, it is the duty of all Shi’ahs to defend them
Rasa – Ayatollah Vahid-Khorasani said, “It is the duty of every Muslim who, if there is aggression against even one inch of a Sunni nation in the world by the infidels, it is the duty of all Shi’ahs in Qom to defend and not to abandon that region under attack by the infidels.”
6/28/2018 11:16:13 AM
UN Says Saudis Are Killing Children in Yemen – What Next?
Rasa - The annual “Children and Armed Conflict” report from the United Nations is telling us what we already knew, that Saudi Arabia and its allies are unsurprisingly behind the overwhelming majority of children killed in the war.
6/28/2018 11:13:31 AM
Bahraini court sets date for hearing in Sheikh Salman’s trial
Rasa - Prominent Bahraini Shia and opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman is to stand trial later this year as the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty does not shy away from its heavy-handed clampdown on political dissidents and pro-democracy campaigners in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.
6/28/2018 11:10:17 AM
Rouhani says Iran will not submit to US pressure, will maintain dignity
Rasa - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic will never yield to US pressure and demands following Washington’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.
6/28/2018 11:07:59 AM
Ayatollah Khamenei slams West’s ‘shameless’ human rights posture
Rasa - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has strongly denounced the Western states for their pretense of advocating human rights while in reality supporting terrorist groups and acts of terror.
6/27/2018 7:07:30 PM
Anti-Colonial Struggle Differs from Terrorism
Rasa - Iran’s Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Eshaq Al-e-Habib Habib underlined that the struggle by people under colonial rule or foreign occupation for self-determination should not be confused with terrorism.
6/27/2018 7:05:33 PM
Hamas fires a dozen projectiles at Israel in retaliation for Gaza carnage
Rasa - Fighters of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement have fired a dozen projectiles at the Israeli-occupied territories overnight after Tel Aviv’s military launched fresh assaults against the besieged Gaza Strip.
6/27/2018 7:01:40 PM