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Rasa News Agency
Monday, July 16, 2018
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Israel deploys more artillery, armored reinforcements in occupied Golan
Rasa - Israel has beefed up its military presence in the occupied Golan Heights by deploying additional tanks and cannons in the vicinity of the Syrian border, cautioning Damascus to keep its forces away from the frontier as Syrian troops continue sweeping militant-held areas over the border.
7/2/2018 11:26:12 AM
West, Israel secretly plan to disintegrate Syria
Rasa - The West and the Israeli regime have been cooperating to disintegrate Syria but won’t admit harboring such a goal, says a commentator.
7/2/2018 11:23:47 AM
Yemeni army fires ballistic missile against Saudi-led forces in Hudaydah province
Rasa - Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from the Houthi Ansarullah movement, have fired a domestically designed and developed ballistic missile at a gathering of the Saudi-led coalition’s mercenaries in Yemen’s flashpoint province of Hudaydah.
7/2/2018 11:20:52 AM
Syrian Army Cuts Off Terrorists' Supply Line from Dara'a to Jordan Borders
Rasa - The Damascus Army continued its advances in several directions in Dara'a province on Saturday, and regained control of one of the most important supply lines of the terrorists in the region.
7/2/2018 11:17:51 AM
Iranian DM: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Main Threat to World Peace, Security
Rasa - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami blasted the US for supporting the Tel Aviv regime, and said Israel's stockpile of nuclear warhead is seriously threatening the tranquility of the region and world countries.
6/30/2018 10:47:26 PM
Syrian Army Fully Purges Terrorists from Deir Ezzur Desert
Rasa - The Damascus government troops fully cleansed Badiyeh (desert) in Deir Ezzur of the remnants of the ISIL terrorists in an operation in the Southeastern parts of the province, regaining control over 5,800 sq/km of territory.
6/30/2018 10:34:49 PM
Report: Spy Chiefs of Israel, Arab States Attend Secret Meeting
Rasa - Spy chiefs of Israel and regional Arab countries attended a secret summit hosted by the US President's senior advisor as Washington moves to conclude a controversial "peace" plan on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without the consent of the Palestinian side, according to a report.
6/30/2018 10:31:35 PM
Protest Rally in Belgium Against Saudi-Led Coalition War Crimes in Yemen
Rasa - Dozens of Yemeni and Arab activists have organized a protest rally in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, to condemn the war crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets against citizens in Yemen.
6/30/2018 10:27:12 PM
US desperately seeks to divide Iranians: Ayatollah Khamenei
Rasa - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the US is exerting economic pressure on Iran in a bid to turn the people against the government but such efforts are futile.
6/30/2018 9:53:00 PM
Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces will punish those behind attack on its fighters: Nasrallah
Rasa - The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says the Iraqi voluntary and pro-government Popular Mobilization Units would give a befitting response to those responsible for a deadly air raid on their fellow fighters in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr earlier this month.
6/30/2018 9:46:00 PM
Iranians Remember MKO's Cruel Crimes in Social Media
Rasa - People in Iran have started trending the Persian hashtag, 'a thousand killers, a thousand Ashrafs', as a reminder of the numerous crimes committed by Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) as the terrorist group is preparing to hold an annual meeting in Paris on Saturday with a number of US officials in attendance.
6/30/2018 9:42:00 PM
Israeli forces shoot dead two Palestinians in Gaza Strip
Rasa - Israeli fire has taken the lives of two more Palestinians, a 13-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man, across the Gaza Strip.
6/30/2018 9:39:00 PM
Syrian Army Seizes Large Cache of American, Israeli Weapons from Terrorists in Dara'a
Rasa - The Syrian Army found a large depot of arms and ammunition also containing Israeli and American missiles in Southern Syria on Friday amid terrorists' escape from the key towns in Northeastern Dara'a.
6/30/2018 9:34:00 PM
OPCW’s new power attempt to politicize its work: Syria
Rasa - The Syrian government has denounced a recent decision made by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the world's chemical watchdog, to empower itself to assign blame for alleged chemical attacks.
6/30/2018 9:31:00 PM
US wrong policies, interference to blame for terror spread: Iran
Rasa - Iran has hit back at US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his latest meddlesome comments about the Islamic Republic's role in the Middle East, saying Washington's "illegitimate interference and wrong policies" are the root cause of the expansion of terrorism and insecurity in the region.
6/30/2018 9:27:00 PM
Israel Preparing for Annexation of Parts of Occupied West Bank
Rasa - Israel is in the process of enacting laws that would allow it to formally annex parts of the occupied West Bank, which is a serious violation of international law, a United Nations expert said.
6/30/2018 9:22:00 PM
Arab trio warned Israel about Turkish drive in al-Quds: Report
Rasa - Israel's Ha'aretz says Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have warned Israel about increasing Turkish activities in the occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds.
6/30/2018 9:16:00 PM
Iran says intelligence sharing key to war on terror
Rasa - Iran’s Permanent Representative and Ambassador to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo has called for the creation of enhanced intelligence sharing mechanisms among nations as a necessary move that can help halt the spread of terrorist activities across the world.
6/30/2018 9:12:00 PM
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians, Injure 310 at Gaza Border
Rasa - Two Palestinians were killed and at least 310 others were injured, three of them seriously, on Friday after they were shot by live ammunition by Israeli soldiers who continued to attack the ongoing Great March of Return protests at Gaza’s Eastern border.
6/30/2018 9:07:00 PM
Israeli apartheid regime beginning to unravel: Activist
Rasa - The massacres that have occurred in Gaza have galvanized the world opinion against Israel and the grassroots support for the Palestinian cause is rising in the United States, Canada and the European Union, says an activist.
6/30/2018 9:03:00 PM