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Sunday, September 23, 2018
Archive From Thought
Battle of Hodeidah:
US Facilitating Saudi Crimes in Yemen Port City
Rasa - The Pentagon regime is taking us for fools denying any direct involvement in the Saudi-led attack on the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah.
6/15/2018 11:22:00 PM
There Is a Clear Gap Between Human Rights Rhetoric and Action of Canadian Government
Rasa - Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to defend his government’s decision to sign off on the sale of more than 900 armored vehicles – including dozens described as “heavy assault” and equipped with cannons – to Saudi Arabia, arguing that the deal is in line with Canada’s foreign and defense policies.
6/12/2018 11:13:00 PM
Trump, Kim end summit, but was the deal clearly worded?
Rasa - US President Donald Trump says his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore that ended in a joint statement was "tremendous;" but political analysts say the language on disarmament in the statement was similar to that of previous agreements, which ultimately collapsed amid differences over arguments and interpretation about verification.
6/12/2018 10:45:00 PM
Complicity in War Crimes:
UK Facilitating Suspicious Arms Flow to Saudi Arabia
Rasa - An arms sales watchdog accuses Britain of refusing to act in time to prevent a huge and highly-suspicious Saudi-bound ammunition consignment.
6/10/2018 11:14:00 PM
Reasons Why Longer US Presence in Syria Is a Bad Idea
Rasa - Despite calls from the international civil society to leave post-ISIL Syria, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis says withdrawing US troops from Syria would be a “strategic blunder.”
6/9/2018 11:21:00 PM
Israel Gearing up for Full-Scale War on Gaza - What Next?
Rasa - Israeli air and ground forces have reportedly finished a week-long exercise to prepare for a full-scale war on the besieged Gaza Strip.
6/9/2018 12:38:00 AM
Support for Palestine an Obligation for Global Community
Rasa - On Friday, June 8, the Iranian nation and Muslims across globe will take to the streets to raise their voices in support of the Palestinian people all over again.
6/9/2018 12:32:00 AM
Academic conference “Palestine: Pre-Emptive Defense” was held at Rasa News Agency
Rasa – The first conference of a series of academic conferences entitled “Islamic Civilization: Resistance Strategies” centred on “Palestine: Pre-Emptive Defense” was held last night with the support of Rasa News Agency in the conference room of the news agency.
6/7/2018 11:30:00 PM
Why Religious Freedom in Iran Has Bad Press in the West?
Rasa - Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi couldn’t be more accurate when he dismissed as untrue and politically-motivated the latest report by the US State Department about religious freedoms in Iran.
6/6/2018 11:18:00 PM
Nuclear Weapon States Need to Increase Moral Authority to Prevent a Global Nuclear Catastrophe
Rasa - It is now an established fact that the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Israel possess over 25,000 nuclear weapons.
6/5/2018 11:06:58 PM