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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Archive From Thought
Terrorists in Vice: Syria ‘Going All the Way’ to Liberate Idlib
Rasa - According to Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem, the Syrian military is ready to “go all the way” to liberate the terror-held region of Idlib. The goal is to wipe out terrorist groups.
9/2/2018 10:56:00 PM
Part One:
Fighting deprivation: The strategy of Imam Musa al-Sadr to defuse the enemies’ conspiracies
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Aref Ebrahimi, a scholar and researcher in the Islamic Seminary of Qom, reviewed the ideas of Imam Musa al-Sadr and his style in the fight against deprivation.
9/2/2018 9:02:00 PM
UN Must Probe into Saudi Bombing of Civilian Targets in Yemen
Rasa - Now that a new report by the United Nations has confirmed in considerable detail misdeeds by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, killing thousands of civilians in Yemen, raping and torturing detainees, and using child soldiers, the world body should do the next best thing: Probe.
9/1/2018 11:18:00 PM
Futile: UN Reports Saudi Misdeeds in Yemen - Again
Rasa - A new report released by the United Nations has once again confirmed in considerable detail misdeeds by the Saudi-led coalition, killing thousands of civilians in Yemen, raping and torturing detainees, and using child soldiers. The report has also warned these may amount to war crimes.
8/31/2018 11:34:00 PM
Iran Scars Linger: US-North Korea Denuke Talks Falling Apart?
Rasa - In yet another sign that diplomatic talks with Washington is an exercise in futility, Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Tuesday, August 28, that the United States may resume its military exercises with the Republic of Korea.
8/29/2018 9:48:00 PM
White Helmet Redux: Are New Chemical Attacks in the Offing?
Rasa - The White Helmets, a shady group heavily funded by the US and British governments, are set to have a new area of operation after being kicked out of Eastern Ghouta in Syria.
8/28/2018 10:47:00 PM
Saudi Arabia and Coalition Partners Must Apologize to Yemeni People
Rasa - The Saudis, the Americans and their allied partners who have committed crimes and atrocities against humanity in Yemen are still stubbornly refusing to admit their wrongs.
8/27/2018 10:54:00 PM
A Harrowing Reality: US Re-Ups Attack on UN and Human Rights Agencies
Rasa - In yet another snub to International Humanitarian Law, the United States government has issued another attack on the United Nations, with plans to cut off funding to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, with other UN agencies being potential future targets.
8/27/2018 9:54:00 PM
One Year On: Rohingya Refugees Are Still Suffering
Rasa - It’s a woeful anniversary for the Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh.
8/27/2018 9:37:00 PM
Ill Omen: Saudis Are Still Murdering Children in Yemen
Rasa - In yet another disregard to the United Nations Charter and International Humanitarian Law, Saudi warplanes carried out an airstrike against the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah on Thursday, August 23, hitting a camp for internally displaced people, and killed at least 31 civilians. The slain included 22 children. At least 79 civilians were wounded, again overwhelmingly children.
8/26/2018 10:31:00 PM