Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Britain Shields Israeli Regime, Bans Palestinian Anti-Balfour Adverts
Rasa - Britain has moved to shield the Israeli regime by banning adverts which highlight Palestinians’ objections to the Balfour Declaration.
10/17/2017 11:11:00 PM
What Raqqa Liberation? Permanent War on Syria Has Only Just Begun
Rasa - ISIL fighters abandoned Raqqa in a withdrawal agreed with US-backed proxy militias.
10/17/2017 11:02:00 PM
Why the EU Needs to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Rasa - Some European Union countries have decided to decline Saudi Arabia's request for military equipment and supplies amid the ongoing war on Yemen.
10/16/2017 11:21:45 PM
What Next after US Provides Safe Exit for ISIS in Syria’s Raqqa?
Rasa - ISIS Takfiri terrorists are abandoning Raqqa through a safe exit corridor established by US-backed SDF militias.
10/16/2017 9:03:32 PM
US New Anti-Hezbollah Measures: Drives, Consequences
Rasa - Last week, the US administration announced a total of $12 million reward for information delivery to the American intelligence apparatuses that leads to capture of Talal Hammiyeh and Fouad Shukr, two senior commanders of Lebanon's Hezbollah.
10/16/2017 8:35:00 PM
Arab Analyst: PGCC Collapsing
Rasa - Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of Ray al-Youm newspaper, says present conditions and proofs show deteriorating conflicts between Qatar and other Saudi-led Arab states, warning that the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) is falling.
10/16/2017 8:11:03 PM
World Should Support Palestinian Consensus Government
Rasa - Palestinians are only as strong as they are united, and as weak as they are divided. After all, when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.
10/13/2017 11:38:41 PM
Why Saudis Welcome US Sanctions on Hezbollah Call for More?
Rasa - Saudi Arabia has called for setting up of what it called an international coalition against Hezbollah, as the US is simultaneously imposing new sanctions on the resistant Lebanese group.
10/12/2017 10:38:00 PM
Tehran benefits most from dismantling JCPOA, analyst says
Rasa - As US President Donald Trump is expected to announce a more aggressive approach against the historic deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, many experts from within and outside the administration believe that fully abandoning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) now would only make the situation worse for Washington.
10/12/2017 5:21:00 PM
No Light at the End of Washington’s Raqqa Tunnel - Syrians Will Have to Make Their Own
Rasa - The US military and separatist proxy forces claim they are beginning the final push to drive the foreign-backed terrorist group of ISIL out of Raqqa. The US-backed militias also claim victory is just days away.
10/11/2017 11:24:00 PM