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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Iraqi Hezbollah Warns US of Retaliation for Monday Airstrikes
Rasa - The Hezbollah movement in Iraq in a statement on Tuesday blasted the US airstrikes on a Hashd al-Shaabi (popular forces) base at the borders with Syria, vowing retaliation.
6/20/2018 8:46:00 PM
Hujjat al-Islam Ammar al-Hakim:
We must lift the third amendment to the electoral law
Rasa – The head of Iraq’s National Wisdom Movement called for the reinstatement of the judiciary in order to solve the country’s electoral problems and also called for a manual recount of 10% of the votes and the lifting of the third amendment to the electoral law.
6/19/2018 8:56:00 PM
Human Rights Official:
MKO Used by West to Damage Iran's National Interests
Rasa - Secretary of Iran's Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani warned that certain western states are using the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) terrorist group to inflict harms on the country's national interests.
6/12/2018 11:02:00 PM
Hamas vows to continue anti-Israel protests in Gaza Strip
Rasa - The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement says the recent wave of anti-occupation protests in Gaza are a popular reaction to the US’s policy shift on Israeli-occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, emphasizing that the rallies will continue as long as all its objectives are achieved.
6/12/2018 10:17:00 PM
Bahrain king signs off on law banning opposition figures from running in elections
Rasa - Bahrain’s king has signed into law a contentious bill recently adopted by the parliament, which bans figures of dissolved opposition parties and organizations from running in parliamentary elections.
6/12/2018 10:12:00 PM
Hezbollah Official:
S. Arabia Troubling Gov't Formation in Lebanon
Rasa - Vice-Chairman of Hezbollah's Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouq warned that Saudi Arabia is a direct threat to national consensus and political stability in Lebanon as it is seeking to block formation of a government in the country.
6/11/2018 11:04:00 PM
Iranian Leader's Top Military Aide:
Armed Struggle Only Way to Liberate Quds
Rasa - Top Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi stressed the necessity for the Palestinian people and resistance groups to continue armed struggle to free their homeland and holy Quds from the Israeli occupation.
6/9/2018 12:27:00 AM
IRGC Commander:
Israel's Response to Golan Attacks Deterred by Iran's Warning
Rasa - Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami said Israel stepped back and avoided a response to Syria's rocket attacks on its positions in the occupied Golan after it received a tough warning from Iran that any second attack would be retaliated by a missile offensive on Tel Aviv.
6/9/2018 12:11:00 AM
Iraqi Popular Forces Mark Int'l Al-Quds Day in Baghdad
Rasa - Thousands of Iraqi popular forces marched through a main Baghdad street to mark “the International Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day.”
6/8/2018 11:47:00 PM
Demonstrations in Bahrain to Commemorate Al-Quds International Day
Rasa - Residents of Bahrain commemorated the International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and went out early Friday in demonstrations called by the revolutionary forces under the slogan "Jerusalem the capital of freemen".
6/8/2018 11:39:00 PM