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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Iran marking Islamic Republic Day
Rasa - Iran is on Saturday marking the Islamic Republic Day, the day when, 38 years ago, an Islamic republic was officially declared in the country based on the results of a referendum in which Iranians overwhelmingly voted for the establishment of that political system.
4/1/2017 9:45:36 PM
Iranian President's Aide Stresses Islam's Respect for Divine Religions
Rasa - Iranian President’s Special Adviser for Religious and Ethnic Minorities’ Affairs Ali Younesi said on Monday that Islam has not allowed its followers to insult any religion and instead has urged them to respect all believers.
3/27/2017 11:11:13 PM
British Muslim leaders call for unity after London attack
Rasa - British Muslim leaders have denounced the deadly Daesh terror attack at the heart of London, calling on all communities to stand together in the face of terrorism.
3/24/2017 7:01:31 PM
Iran president:
New Year, time for creating more jobs for young people
Rasa - Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the new Iranian year is a time to create new jobs for the country’s youths, adding that what the country achieved in the past year in terms of curbing inflation and creating jobs has been unprecedented in the past 25 years.
3/20/2017 11:28:14 PM
'Deal reached after Saudis submitted to Iran's Hajj conditions'
Rasa - A senior Iranian official says an agreement with Saudi Arabia enabling Hajj pilgrimage for Iranians this year came after the kingdom submitted to the Islamic Republic’s conditions.
3/19/2017 9:11:00 PM
Ayatollah Alavi-Boroujerdi:
Islam welcomes Norouz
Rasa – “Norouz is not an Islamic holiday but Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq approved of preserving such good traditions including Norouz,” Ayatollah Alavi-Boroujerdi said.
3/19/2017 6:58:57 PM
Employers can ban wearing Islamic headscarves, European court rules
Rasa - The European Union's top court has ruled that employers are entitled to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols; a decision critics say is a direct attack on Muslim women wearing hijab at work.
3/14/2017 11:45:49 PM
Hamas condemns Israel bill silencing mosques
Rasa - The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has strongly condemned a controversial Israeli bill that would ban Muslim calls to prayer from being announced from loudspeakers at mosques in occupied Palestine, warning that such legislation would face stiff resistance.
3/10/2017 11:54:37 PM
‘Relative Progress’ in Tehran-Riyadh Hajj Talks
Rasa - Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization said there have been relative progress in the ongoing negotiations between Tehran and Riyadh about the dispatch of Iranian nationals to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this summer.
3/7/2017 11:56:04 PM
Iran Calls for Boosting Cultural Cooperation with Iraq
Rasa - Iranian Culture Minister Reza Salehi Amiri in a meeting with Head of the Iraqi parliament Endowment and Religious Affairs Commission Ali al-Alaq in Tehran called for boosting cultural relations between the two countries.
3/6/2017 10:43:00 PM