Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Senior Member of Ansarullah:
The role of the US in the war on Yemen is quite evident
Rasa – Sadiq al-Sharrafi said that there is great damage in the fact that the media coverage of the events in Yemen doesn’t pay attention to the role of the United States, while the role of the United States in the war on Yemen is quite evident.
9/7/2017 2:14:17 AM
Indian Shi’ah Scholar:
90,000 Rohingya Muslims have been displaced in less than ten days
Rasa – Hujjat al-Islam Ja’fari condemned the massacre and genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and said that only in the past ten days, most Muslim homes were destroyed in Rakhine State and nearly 90,000 Rohingya Muslims attempted to escape from the country and flee to Bangladesh.
9/6/2017 10:27:13 PM
Ayatollah Makarem announces participation in Ghadir march
Rasa – Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi will be participating in a march on Eid al-Ghadir in order to raise public awareness about the significance of this religious holiday.
9/6/2017 3:33:44 PM
Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani:
Preparation against the enemies, deters threats to the Iran’s system and revolution
Rasa – The revered source of emulation said, “The line of preparation in various fields can deter the threats against Iran’s Islamic system of government and the Islamic Revolution.”
9/4/2017 5:30:00 PM
al-Wafa warns against US, Al Khalifah regime’s plots against the Bahraini Revolution
Rasa – Bahrain’s al-Wafa Islamic Party has issued a statement warning against the ongoing plots by the Persian Gulf country’s Al Khalifah and the United States against the Bahraini people’s revolution.
9/4/2017 8:48:27 AM
Lebanese Shi’ah Scholars:
‘From the wounded land of Bahrain to Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, we offer our congratulations’
Rasa – Bahraini scholars have offered their congratulations to Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah and the Islamic Resistance Forces for their successive achievements in the fight against Daesh.
9/3/2017 2:30:38 AM
Sunni scholar warns against “forgetting the issue of Palestine in Arafat"
Rasa - Lebanese Sunni scholar expressed regret over “not mentioning the name of Palestine in the sermon of Arafat in Saudi Arabia.”
9/2/2017 2:03:10 AM
Professor at Imam Sadiq University:
Shiite owes to Allama Majlesi's efforts
Rasa - The faculty member of Imam Sadiq University, referring to the position and influence of the 110-volume collection of Bahar al-Anvar, introduced this eternal compilation of Allama Majlesi as the only work in the geography of Shiite thought, and said: "The Shiite owes to Allama Majlis for his efforts.
8/30/2017 2:29:01 AM
The Representative of Khuzestan in the Assembly of Experts:
The government must avoid stating misleading facts
Rasa – Ayatollah Mohsen Heydari called on the government to avoid the publication of false statistics and stressed, “False statistics deceive the people and the people will eventually discover the truth.”
8/30/2017 1:27:49 AM