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Monday, June 18, 2018
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US-Israel Institutionalised Relations Are Spearheading the Latest Escalation with Gaza
Rasa - This week, Israel’s violent crackdown on Land Day protests in the Gaza Strip left at least 18 dead, and large numbers of people wounded.
4/3/2018 11:05:37 PM
World Needs to Get Some Honest Answers Out of Trump Administration as to Just What They Are Doing in Syria
Rasa - The Pentagon and State Department officials continue to feign ignorance when President Donald Trump talks up the idea of US troops leaving Syria soon, and many analysts believe that his words carry no weight and shouldn't be seen as an indication of his administration's Syria policy.
4/2/2018 9:39:48 PM
An Open Secret: War Criminal Salman Rubs Elbows with Israeli-AIPAC Leaders
Rasa - Away from public relations blitz, Saudi Arabia and Israel are best friends in the Middle East. The two regimes retain an atrocious human rights record and see Iran as their common enemy, and the situation has only deteriorated since their twin wars against Syria and Yemen.
3/30/2018 11:02:00 PM
Enabling War Crimes: Mattis Admits US Planning Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen
Rasa - US Defense Secretary James Mattis has just offered new details about US involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, providing specifics about what the US is doing that contradict long-standing claims of a very limited, non-combat involvement.
3/30/2018 10:07:00 PM
Third Anniversary: Saudis Are Not Going to Get Everything They Want in Yemen – Nor Are Americans
Rasa - It’s the anniversary of the 2015 US-backed, Saudi-led war on Yemen, which is made up of nine Middle Eastern and African countries, and is supported by the United States.
3/27/2018 11:43:06 PM
Trump And Tehran: This Is Not 2003 And Iran Is Not Iraq
Rasa - Iran's strategic alliances are extensive and deep, and US regional allies today look increasingly fragile and erratic.
3/26/2018 11:35:36 PM
America’s Omnibus Military Spending Bill Will Achieve Nothing
Rasa - The US government has signed a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill which is a big windfall for the Pentagon regime and the militaristic hordes, who will be getting the majority of the money in the realm of $700 billion.
3/25/2018 11:46:29 PM
New Arms Sales to Saudis: Time to Spotlight US Missile Double Standards
Rasa - The US State Department has announced $1 billion in missile sales to Saudi Arabia and the announcement can be used to condemn the US for its double standards regarding Iran’s missile defense program.
3/24/2018 11:26:55 PM
A New Low for Saudi Arabia and Its Persian Gulf Allies
Rasa - First it was their failed regime-change war against Syria in alliance with the United States and Israel that killed tens of thousands of people and made millions more refugees in a period of seven years.
3/23/2018 11:00:03 PM
If the US Won’t Stop Saudi War on Yemen, the UN Should
Rasa - It is time for the United Nations to implement a full ban on Western and US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, that’s because the US Senate has once again authorized the War Party and the Military-Industrial Complex to continue their support for Saudi Arabia’s illegal war on Yemen.
3/21/2018 11:24:02 PM