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Monday, May 21, 2018
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UK says has no plans to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds
Rasa - The UK government says Britain has no plans to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds and still disagrees with the US decision to do so.
5/14/2018 11:20:40 PM
French Gov't Faces Legal Action over Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia, UAE
Rasa - Two human rights groups, namely legal non-governmental organization Droit Solidarite and Aser, which are focused on armaments, had given French premier Edouard Philippe a two-month ultimatum to halt the country’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the time is nearly up.
5/7/2018 10:16:00 PM
UK-Saudi aid deal national disgrace: Minister
Rasa - Britain’s shadow aid secretary blasts London for inking a hefty aid deal with Saudi Arabia with the purported aim of creating infrastructure in poor countries at a time when the Riyadh regime is killing Yemeni people and has pushed their country, the poorest in the Arabian Peninsula, into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
3/10/2018 11:08:56 PM
Anti-Trump rally at US embassy in London over anti-Muslim videos
Rasa - UK protesters have gathered outside the US embassy in London to denounce US President Donald Trump’s recent move to re-tweet anti-Muslim videos of a British far-right leader.
12/2/2017 11:33:08 PM
Thousands March through London to Oppose Balfour Declaration
Rasa - Thousands of people marched through London to call on Britain to apologize for the Balfour Declaration.
11/5/2017 8:16:22 PM
Anger as UK University Allows Balfour 'Celebration'
Rasa - A British university drew criticism for its decision to allow a Balfour Declaration 'celebration' organized by a pro-Israel group.
10/16/2017 7:34:56 PM
Pope’s adviser appears in Aussie court over ‘sex abuse’
Rasa - The Vatican’s Finance Chief Cardinal George Pell, who is a top adviser to Pope Francis, has made a second appearance at an Australian court on sexual abuse charges.
10/6/2017 10:03:33 PM
Saudi-Linked Wahhabi Cleric Faces Deportation from Belgium
Rasa - Reports said Saudi-linked Wahhabi cleric is facing expulsion from Belgium after he was found preaching hatred and ideology at the country’s biggest mosque.
10/4/2017 2:51:00 PM
Mob attacks hijab-wearing woman in Spain in ‘Islamophobic’ assault
Rasa - A mob in Spain has brutally assaulted a hijab-wearing Muslim woman in the country’s capital of Madrid, in what police describe as an “Islamophobic” attack.
8/26/2017 7:16:51 PM
Venice mayor:
Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ and you will be shot
Rasa - The right-wing mayor of the Italian city of Venice has said anybody who shouts "Allahu akbar" in the city's famous St Mark's Square will be shot.
8/25/2017 6:59:36 PM