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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Ayatollah Jannati:‎
The criterion of the Guardian Council in reviewing the FATF is Islamic law
Rasa – The secretary of the Guardian Council referred to the ratification of the FATF by the ‎Iranian parliament and said, “We hope that the result of our actions will be in the interest of ‎Islam and the Islamic Revolution and will ensure the dignity of the country.”‎
10/19/2018 10:38:52 PM
General Ismail Kosari:‎
Some seek to flatter the enemies by insisting there’s a deadlock in Iran
Rasa – The deputy chief of the Sarallah Brigades of the IRGC said that the existence of a ‎deadlock in Iran is due to the weakness of some of the officials.‎
10/19/2018 9:54:10 PM
IRGC Commander Warns Abductors of Iranian Border Guards of Crushing Response
Rasa - Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari warned the terrorists who kidnapped the Iranian border guards of Iran's crushing response.
10/18/2018 7:34:00 PM
Saudi Arabia delivers $100 million to US as missing journalist mystery deepens
Rasa - Saudi Arabia has delivered a previously promised $100 million to the United States as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in Riyadh to discuss the fate of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who went missing after visiting the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul more than two week ago.
10/18/2018 7:23:00 PM
Labour Party:
UK should impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia
The opposition Labour Party in the UK says the conservative-led government should consider imposing sanctions on Saudi Arabia over its alleged role in the murder and disappearance of a prominent critic and journalist.
10/18/2018 7:12:00 PM
Envoy Criticizes UN's Human Rights Report on Iran
Rasa - Iran’s envoy in the third committee of the UN General Assembly Mohammad Hassaninejad strongly criticized the United Nations' recent report on human rights practices in Iran.
10/18/2018 7:01:00 PM
ICC prosecutor ‘alarmed’ by Gaza violence
Rasa - The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says she is “alarmed” by violence at the border between the besieged Gaza Strip and the Israeli-occupied territories, threatening to take an action.
10/18/2018 6:55:00 PM
Iran Calls for Practical Policies to Fight Terrorism
Rasa - Rapporteur of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ali Najafi Khoshroudi underlined the need for taking practical measures by international bodies and world countries in the ongoing combat against terrorist groups in the Middle East region.
10/18/2018 6:43:00 PM
Female inmates go on hunger strike at Bahraini jail over ill-treatment
Rasa - Three female dissidents have launched an open-ended hunger strike at a detention center in Bahrain to protest their dire situation and mistreatment by prison authorities as the ruling Al Khalifah regime presses ahead with its heavy-handed clampdown on human rights campaigners and pro-democracy activists in the Persian Gulf kingdom.
10/18/2018 6:32:00 PM
Iran, Oman Discuss Ways to End Saudi War on Yemen
Rasa - Senior Assistant to Iran's Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari consulted Oman’s Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawi about the Saudi-led war on Yemen.
10/18/2018 6:21:00 PM